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While there has been a big slump recently in the retail price of sugar, the price at refineries has not dropped.
The slump may also exacerbate economic pressures that can damage the environment, he added.
Of course every actual slump has particular causes of its own but certain general causes are always present.
Amid a flash of fireworks, what's left of him falls to the ground in an anticlimactic slump.
They sort of slump down in the box, making a low, miserable hum.
And the company's share price held up in the bleakest slump the industry has ever seen.
Often there is an accompanying slump in occupational, cognitive or visual-spatial skills.
Much, of course, depends on the length and severity of the current slump.
The slump in the building trades in the past six months contrasts with an odd perkiness earlier.
Ford has survived the market slump largely because of its financial reserves, but it will have to sell some cars to thrive again.
Housing sales will slump and the interest rate will drop to encourage people to lend money.
Staring at recession, policymakers in rich economies are considering how to avoid a prolonged slump.
And the company's share price held up in the bleakest slump the industry has ever s een.
Now the race is on to ease monetary policy in order to prevent a prolonged economic slump.
The subsequent slump is now forgotten: prices are back close to the peaks.
Now they are being squeezed once more, and this time the slump may last.
During a deep slump an expansionary monetary policy will raise both domestic and world output.
Economic growth has slowed, but the country has withstood the global slump well.
The world economy's deepest post-war slump has resulted in higher rates of unemployment in many countries.
The p/e ratio has reached such a high level because share prices have rebounded even as profits continue to slump.
One reason is that it was a bit-part player in the system of global imbalances that precipitated the slump.
On past form the slowdown seemed likely to presage a long slump.
In other words, the growth rate in consumer spending will slump by two percentage points between early this year and next.
Worse, the malaise may go far deeper than the short-term effects of a slump in demand.
The reception from the record companies-then mired in a slump-was only slightly warmer.
Or you could all sit there and sulk in an ideological slump.
Science has been a vital part of what has pulled us out of every economic slump.
There is no saying what manner of movies will be bred by the economic slump.
With the economy already teetering, that could bring on another slump.
But that hasn't been working, as his slump in the polls has shown.
The longer our economic slump lasts, the deeper they'll be.
Further, with the world economy in a slump, prices are feeling less upward pressure anyway these days.
The struggling pay cable network seems to have broken out of a slump.
As the economic slump persists, companies are becoming stingier with the severance packages they offer laid-off workers.
But it's also one of the few modest hits on a network in a ratings slump.
It had a few slump years, but the scene is starting to reemerge.
Economic slump prompts reductions in parks construction, maintenance.
The conclusions reached based on cement paste tests were validated by concrete slump tests.
Concrete is tested for strength, slump, and other material properties similar to procedures followed for rigid pavement.

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