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Another was to lower the rents of some slum properties owned by the university.
But even a city slum has benefits that you won't find on the farm or in the village.
The incursion did little to disrupt life in the slum.
Therefore, large, heterogeneous cities with slum cultures never developed.
So he issued an order that all cats were to be killed in his patch of the slum.
The grave in the slum is believed to contain up to eighty bodies.
After daybreak, the rumor of a tap with running water sent her stumbling in a panic through the slum's narrow corridors.
Slum communities are growing rapidly, taking over unsuitable areas such as nearby lagoons and lakes.
On the other, a stone's throw down a cliff, is a small slum-a monument to desperation and government failure.
Police placed netting over a stream running through the slum to stop the bodies being washed away.
Next, a second temporary home in a worn-down office building abutting a sprawling slum.
The model is expected to ensure a long-term, sustainable solution to upgrade living standards of slum dwellers.

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