sluggishly in a sentence

Example sentences for sluggishly

Wages, a good gauge of labour demand, are growing sluggishly.
There real value-added rose only sluggishly, but employment expanded significantly.
To be sure, consumers often respond sluggishly to events, but this crisis has not suddenly crept up on people.
For the past few years, the world's production capacity has grown only sluggishly.
They're at the same time fretting about a debt-laden euro-zone, whose members sluggishly recover from a devastating crisis.
Outside the gym, walkers and cyclists in straw hats weaved sluggishly among the palm trees.
And it refreshes so sluggishly that animation and video are impossibilities.
They have small poorly developed legs with which they crawl about sluggishly.
As a result, residential and commercial prices of natural gas respond sluggishly to movements in the spot price.
Physical examinations revealed tachycardia and dilated, sluggishly reactive pupils in five of the six patients.
He had sluggishly reactive pupils, absent deep tendon reflexes, and he did not respond to voice commands.
Concrete of plastic consistency does not crumble but flows sluggishly without segregation.
If the water returns sluggishly to its normal level, there may be an obstruction partially blocking the flow of water.
He raised the shuttle car boom and restarted the conveyor which ran sluggishly.
The licensee investigation found that the valve operated sluggishly because of insulation debris in the external valve linkages.
Eliminating large breeding areas such as swamps or sluggishly moving streams or ditches requires community-wide efforts.
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