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Symptoms of hypoglycemia can range from acting sluggish and dull to seizures.
The real problem is that many people are struggling because of the sluggish economy.
Few history departments went unscathed when it came to hiring in this year's sluggish economy.
It is also that sluggish growth may prevent it from cutting its deficit significantly.
It grunts, it drools, and it's about as sluggish as a couch potato.
They exhibited much intellectual and physical activity during their dominance, and then they became sluggish and finally degraded.
In fact, in this still sluggish economy, it seems to be one of the few growth industries.
Military-backed efforts to find an effective treatment for post-traumatic stress are making sluggish progress.
So if you're feeling a little sluggish or off, try drinking some water as your first recourse.
They are generally sluggish fish but are capable of impressive bursts of speed.
The modest growth is a reflection of last year's sluggish new-enrollment figures.
For starters, the current sluggish economy has choked tax revenues and made it difficult and expensive to borrow money.
E-mail delivery has been particularly sluggish during the past two weeks.
Many developed countries are counting on a surge in exports to boost their own sluggish domestic economies.
Modern researchers have tools that can greatly increase the sluggish pace of species identification.
Over time these programs and files piled up and eventually made the computer extremely sluggish.
Growth is sluggish for a few quarters before briskly resuming.
White vinegar has multiple cleaning uses and baking soda is good for scrubbing as well as unsticking sluggish drains.
She was sluggish and off balance and had a spot of frostbite on her face.
The result: a bumpy, sluggish experience as you navigate through the device's options.
The regulatory response, though quick at first, became sluggish once politicians thought a crisis had been averted.
Applications are sluggish to load, and the mouse pointer often trails well behind your hand.
Electric-vehicle batteries may be in similar straits if demand for the cars they might power remains sluggish.
It's a welcome blast from the future past that boosts the show after a somewhat sluggish start.
Sluggish growth in export earnings, mainly caused by low prices for farm products, remains a worry.
The record sales are the second big boost for a sluggish video game industry this fall.
Doctors are allowing older and more sluggish kidneys to be transplanted.
As consumers try to pay down those debts, the result will be sluggish demand and thus slower growth.
Companies that eschew extrinsic rewards risk lumbering themselves with sluggish dullards.
Company profits are healthy but investment remains sluggish.
By late fall, the cubs are sluggish, fat and ready to hibernate.
It will even make you feel more lethargic, or sluggish, and less likely to exercise.
In any case, you don't need to talk about deleveraging to explain sluggish consumer spending.
He would try to awake their dormant and sluggish faculties.
But the spiders themselves are looking a bit sluggish.
At the time, dinosaurs were still widely considered to be sluggish scaly lumps.
Overall home sales were sluggish or declining and were below year-ago levels.
Many people feel sluggish after lunch, and standing can get the blood flowing again.
The first step for many bosses is simply diagnosing rustout as the source of sluggish productivity and low morale.
The body's metabolism slows down, and the patient complains of not having any energy and feeling mentally sluggish.
However, he got off to a sluggish start this season and then things went from bad to worse when he ruptured a tendon in his leg.
With supply growth sluggish, the steady increase in demand is hauling prices remorselessly higher.
Structural changes in the world economy can cause instability in countries where output is expanding as well as in sluggish ones.
It has remained strong since, as hiring has been more sluggish than growth.
Yet as sales of these have become sluggish, even the television business risks generating losses.
Firms run the risk that their stock of capital is too depleted to meet even sluggish growth in demand.
Many other governors have taken similar approaches in the face of dire budgetary shortfalls and a sluggish economy.
Some developing countries will therefore remain sluggish for longer than others.
Until that happens, it's unlikely that that the sluggish economic recovery we're seeing right now will improve much.
Output is sluggish and credit is growing weakly or shrinking across much of the rich world.
By contrast, health care often lacks real-time information systems and data feedback loops are sluggish.
Second, sluggish demand overseas is a big cause of the deficit, so it is reversible.
Gars prefer sluggish or still waters with good clarity and submersed vegetation.
Residential and commercial real estate activity remained sluggish, though some improvements were noted.
Commercial and industrial real estate activity has been sluggish, although contacts noted improvement in some areas.
If this system is sluggish, you may feel tired or weak.

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In doing good, we are generally cold, and languid, and sluggish; and of all things afraid of being too much... more
Here is no eft or mortal snake But only sluggish duck and drake.... more
The written word still enjoyed a certain prestige here. It was a sluggish country.... more
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