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And people are willing to try anything to achieve that solid slug of slumber.
Then, he pulled a huge slug from his pocket and loaded his gun.
Imagine doing sports with this thing: you'd slug every ball out over the stadium walls.
One type of sea slug has a cool way of escaping predators.
He's captured everything from the sound of a slug biting into a leaf to butterfly wings beating against the air.
Slot in the slug and take aim, and pull the trigger to fire.
Their prescription for a weak economy is a large slug of austerity.
When cornered by ants on a leaf, the slug produces a protective sticky mucus.
Monetising a slug of public debt in this way is bound to be inflationary.
But all this is really feasible only because of a slug of new investment.
The barnacle sheds a good portion of its body and, slim as a slug, slips into the hole at the base of one of the crab's hairs.
The slug-sucking snake is one of a small group that feasts on gastropods such as slugs and snails.
Converting the new debt could also slam confidence without raising a big enough slug of equity capital to restore it.
Strong people slug it out, then shake hands and work together.
The opponents would not meet in an elevated boxing ring but, instead, slug it out in the center of the field.
What he did allowed the right to come up and slug us in the eye.
If you create a small pond to encourage frogs and toads, they will help mop up the rest of your slug life.
When they run out of prey, the amoebas unite to form a many-celled mobile slug.
When the slug finds a good spot, it stretches upwards to form a ball at the end of a stalk.
Mine is based on maple syrup with a good slug of dark rum to keep things from getting too cloying.

Famous quotes containing the word slug

In the slug And snarl of music, under cover of A few permitted movements, you suggest A whole consenting la... more
Before me you are a slug in the sun. You are privy to a great becoming and you recognize nothing. You are a... more
Adrift dissolving, bound for death; Though lumpish thou, a lumbering one— A lumbering lubbard loitering slow, Impinger... more
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