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Now the rains turn the roofs to sludge, which causes buildings to collapse.
Tiny bits of food get caught up in that calcified bacterial sludge, where they can remain for millennia without disintegrating.
From there, they can wash down drains, ultimately ending up in the sewage sludge of wastewater treatment plants.
The remaining sludge is processed to recover cobalt, which is used to make battery electrodes.
They are developing a technique that employs ultrasound, rather than pumps, to break up the sludge.
Finally, some organic fertilizers contain sewage sludge, leftover from wastewater treatment plants.
He urged the urgent installation of a new pumping station and upgrades of the high-density sludge treatment works.
It is a thick brown sludge, gritty and triggering an immediate gag reflex.
He climbed down into several more manholes to scoop up clots of sludge.
Even in a beaker, bacteria in ocean bottom sludge survive by sharing.
Blood begins to sludge, and no-blood-flow regions spring up all over the body.
The brown sludge oil turns beaches into oil-contaminated beaches.
Raw sewage sludge is a liquid heavy with suspended solids that have been separated out of sewage during the treatment process.
The anti-foaming additive breaks down and you start to get water mixing with the oil and making sludge.
Many throw chemicals directly into the creek, or discard barrels of sludge in the woods.
The rudimentary techniques left behind toxic sludge, air and water.
Industry belched out smoke and sludge with little fear of legal consequences or bad press.
Be warned: the syrupy sludge at the bottom of each cup packs a kick.
Sludge landfills proposed as part of a private wastewater treatment facility plans undergo a comparable review procedure.
Requirements for the land application of water treatment sludge.

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The river of sludge will go on and on. It isn't about me.... more
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