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Slowly move the leaves back and forth over moderately high heat until they become shiny and pliable, then cut them into squares.
Ships, therefore, travel too slowly for dazzle camouflage to work.
But scientific evidence is slowly correcting that impression.
The truck came by slowly and a spotlight swept the river bottom.
Flowering generally weakens these plants, and although they may slowly recover, they often die.
Your soul is slowly shriveling while enduring the second work meeting of the day.
Rubbish may be collected less often, sewage pipes fixed more slowly and staff sent home on certain days.
To jibe-turn with the wind at your back-carefully pull in sail and gently turn rudder, then slowly let sail out on opposite side.
All wait to begin peeking at the cosmic wonders emerging slowly overhead.
Clay soils absorb water slowly and drain slowly as well, retaining water longer than other soils.
Slowly but surely, whooping cranes are on the comeback.
The ancient reptiles coasted on thermals and landed slowly.
He didn't laugh, or ask questions, or slowly back away.
Real-life, robotic pack mules are slowly starting to get ready for war.
And so far e-textbook sales are growing more slowly than expected.
Now this centuries-old tradition is slowly coming to an end.
One possibility is that underlying mantle rocks are slowly flowing downward.
The coffee-and-water mixture is stirred and slowly heated over medium heat.
Clumps spread slowly and need dividing only when bare centers show.
Cellphones are slowly killing inexpensive digital cameras.
Kneeling down, he started slowly rocking the sled back and forth, watching the miniature waves.
Efforts to build transmission have moved more slowly.
The once lush countryside began to parch and drinking water slowly evaporated.
Grows fast in mild regions, more slowly where winters are cold.
Hold the page about a foot away from your face and slowly move it toward you and away from you.
Firefighters frantically cranked a rescue ladder, which rose slowly skyward-then stopped at the sixth floor, fully extended.
The water then overflows slowly into a rock-covered catch basin.
Firms gathered data slowly and patchily, through mechanisms not built for the purpose.
The flow has been slicing slowly through this plateau for some two million years.
Except one: it had moist lips, glossy hair and vivid eyes that blinked slowly.
These kinds expand slowly and gradually from the center, so they're much easier to control than their running relations.
He seems to want to take it slowly and see what develops.
Traditional court-led resolutions used by ordinary companies proceed too slowly.
The smuggler slowly pulls an object wrapped in a towel from beneath his shirt.
The scientists then measured how the youngsters slowly approached perfect imitation.
Carolinas, a habitat slowly disappearing because of land development.
As they mature, the petals slowly fade to soft pink.
However, as you slowly build your professional network, you'll start to hear about openings from people you've interviewed.
Critics complained that the firm was slowly winding itself up.
Glaciers slowly grind their way over mountains and plains, moving immense boulders and carving out fjords.
It rests on a small column that turns slowly to show the jewel in four directions.
It develops slowly and is quite treatable if caught early.
But his concern that technology will slowly but surely undermine human freedom is shared by quite a few mainstream thinkers.
Because the bones were buried gently and slowly in mud, many of them remain uncrushed.
The landscape is slowly becoming more open and green, the prairie reappearing from beneath the plant.
As the legs slowly grew, the simulation evolved from slithering to walking.
The origin and evolution of these distinctive mental traits remain largely mysterious, but clues are emerging slowly.
The turtle slowly raises its plum-size head and pops open its small eyes.
Build a small fire and keep it burning steadily so the adobe warms slowly and bakes out any remaining moisture.
At this point the team had fully charged batteries and maximum potential energy to descend slowly through the night.
Ships, then, travel too slowly for dazzle camouflage to have an effect.
Since the war ended seven years ago, signs of renewal have been coming slowly.
Slowly add in eggs, salt, and the yeast in the water.
Work slowly and take breaks to avoid overheating the bit and the drill.
Stress builds as the plates slowly but steadily collide.
Although the ocean has been slowly encroaching on the island for centuries, climate change has sped up the process.
But until it does, you'll have to be diligent about weeding because it grows rather slowly.
The sun now displays several active regions that flicker and glow as the star slowly spins.
Buds open slowly from base to tip of clusters, and old flowers drop cleanly from stems.
Bacteria slowly built the mounds, known as stromatolites, layer by layer on the lake bottom.
The variety of slide combinations creates a slowly evolving, constantly changing digital painting.
While glue is still wet, slowly and gently apply print, working from one side of the board to the other.
In a stainless steel bowl add vinegar and mustard and honey blend with a hand whisk and slowly whisk in olive oil.
Use soaker hoses or hoses slowly dripping over root zone.
As the ice melts, the water trickles slowly through the root zone.
Ground limestone is the slightly less potent of the two and raises pH more slowly.
Allow a hose to trickle slowly and move it periodically over several hours.
Peel backing off slowly, checking to make sure the design transferred.
Witch hazel seeds commonly take up to two years to germinate, then even then grow slowly and unpredictably.
Then, slowly but surely, the rest of their plans took shape.
Hank slowly and tenderly grilled a slew of those venison sausages until they were shiny, taut, and on the verge of bursting.
As soon as it boils, remove from heat and drizzle in lemon juice, stirring slowly and gently.
But when the ice in the mud freezes, the mud is less slick and a glacier moves more slowly.
Only slowly, slowly, did the timeless forest reveal its secrets.
For example, major changes in diet occurred as nomadic hunter-gatherers slowly shifted to a settled agricultural existence.
Waves caress the giant chunks of marble, slowly reducing them to the smooth white pebbles beneath my feet.
The fungus probably grew slowly to attain such large sizes, he added.
She staggered and slowly slumped to the ground-asleep.
Planetary bodies tend to heat up slowly and cool off pretty quickly.
Scientists thought ice sheets and glaciers would respond to warming slowly over hundreds of years.
Add meatballs and reheat slowly, careful not to bring the sauce to a boil.
Some green sea turtles are believed to live well over a hundred years in the wild, and they grow slowly.
But since then, this nation of farmers and fishermen has slowly developed and stabilized.
As these places slowly dried up, remnant populations became isolated from the other crocodiles on the continent.
As phytoplankton die, some slowly sink, decomposing along the way and carrying nutrients to the deep ocean.
Major brands are slowly discovering that e-commerce may not be the only revenue stream the digital world has to offer them.
When traffic is moving too slowly, it reroutes users around tie-ups and accidents.
Put tongue in kettle, cover with boiling water, and cook slowly two hours.
Cover with boiling water, add one-half onion, and cook slowly one hour.
Cover closely, and cook slowly four hours, keeping liquor below the boiling-point.
Cover with cold water, bring slowly to boiling-point, and simmer two hours.
Try out one pound fat salt pork cut in pieces, and cook chicken slowly in fat until tender and well browned.
Heat gradually to boiling-point and cook slowly ten minutes.
Add milk slowly to flour, stir until smooth and well mixed.
Put sugar and milk in a saucepan, heat slowly to boiling-point without stirring, and boil six minutes.
Add oil slowly to egg yolks, then pour on gradually vinegar and water.
Add these to milk, with seasonings and two tablespoons butter, and cook slowly twenty minutes.
Heat to boiling-point, and cook slowly one and one-half hours.
Cover closely and bake slowly two hours, uncovering the last twenty minutes.
In the morning add lemons cut in small pieces, rejecting seeds, and cook slowly three hours.
Mix ingredients, heat gradually to the boiling-point, and cook slowly one and one-half hours.
Turn into an earthen pudding-dish, cover, and cook slowly three and one-half hours.
Cover, and cook slowly six hours, keeping below boiling-point during cooking.
State revenues are slowly rising back toward pre-recession levels.
The students drifted slowly away, speaking softly to one another or on cellphones to friends and parents.
His sentences unspool slowly, the words carefully considered.
Even more striking was the fact that students spoke more slowly and far more deliberately.
They can be taken slowly or quickly, they can be big or small, as time and energy permit.
In the body it is slowly hydrolyzed releasing both of these important nutrients.
But dip your hand slowly into the mix, and see what happens-your fingers slide in as easily as through water.
They move too slowly, forget things and are inflexible.
Again, slowly fill the bag until the soap lifts off the table and balances.
Slowly, the gray bricks fill in the yellow skeleton of the building.
The scientists then slowly increased the frequency of an electric current flowing into the quartz.
He points out, however, that even in germ-free conditions these mice still develop arthritis although they do so much more slowly.
They have a slowly progressive problem where they become weaker and weaker.
All of this explains why elephants breathe more slowly and live longer than, say, chickens.
And they've found that the ship has been not-so-slowly disappearing.
Alternatively, the procedure may have slowly spread from a single starting point.
Thanks to the global ban on chlorofluorocarbons, stratospheric ozone levels there are slowly recovering.
It's the dome itself, creaking as it rotates to keep its opening centered above the slowly moving telescope inside.
The anemometer at the bottom is still, but the ones higher up are turning slowly.
The trick is to walk as slowly as one mile an hour, giving the body time to acclimate to the thin mountain air.
Eggs hatch in the early part of the year, and these bugs slowly grow through the season, gaining their wings.
Steering her was futile, and the vessel slid slowly down the wall of the gyre.
The larger vehicles are still moving slowly due to the extra expense of battery packs.
The paper will slowly be removed as the chicks become more comfortable with their surroundings.
They lived in a world where nitrogen and possibly other nutrients cycled far more slowly than it does today.
Slowly, as one source led to another, the story emerged.
Many buildings and the beach promenade were damaged in the earthquake, but the town slowly is rebuilding.
Slowly but surely, the health care debate is getting down to cases.
When recession hits, real output falls but prices tend to adjust more slowly.
Ordinarily, when unemployment shoots up wages do not tend to fall: they simply grow more slowly.
Now they are being slowly reintroduced into the wild.
Slowly but surely, however, bankruptcy law has changed in favour of the corporate debtor.
It is categorised by sudden and dramatic price variations, particularly moving suddenly upwards but decaying only slowly.
The team worked for five months, repeating the process again and again as they slowly plotted the course of the celestial bodies.
Then they slowly flow a saline solution of the virus along that channel.
The air turns the rotor and emerges on the other side, moving more slowly now than the air flowing outside the turbine.
The tape, which has been tested in mice, slowly breaks down inside the body without causing any irritation.
But they too have slowly added features--hardware and software--aimed at improving digital audio sound quality.
The bacteria push the micro-machine closer to the higher pH concentrations and change its direction if it pulses too slowly.
So you suffer through the slowly scrolling program guide.
Slowly but surely, he believes, the evidence is building.
The wavelength can change in the way he predicted and ripples move slowly upwards, even though the water is flowing down.
It slowly opened up and in the process people lost a lot of awareness of what was happening with their data.
Electrical signals travel too slowly to do this job, so something else must be at work.
Slowly, life will return to something resembling normality.
These would be waves left over from the big bang that continue to resonate slowly on a vast scale.
Indeed, there were some artifacts in my data-places where the stress line mysteriously drops suddenly and slowly builds back up.
The story is both simple and subtle, and its peculiar power is to surprise us slowly.
There are talented writers who grow into their full maturity and then decline, slowly or precipitously.
The labor movement grew slowly-spilling blood, rage, and resistance in equal parts-but it grew.
Oil producers may calculate that they will be better off if they exploit their reserves more slowly.
And then the sooty yellow slowly turned a lush, rippling green.
The sword duels usually look fake, slowly choreographed.
Even as it recedes slowly into the past it taxes our belief, making us wonder if it really happened.
Moreover our public sector has grown more slowly than that of any other developed nation.
If slightly deleterious, these mutations get eliminated from the population, but only slowly.
Perhaps the nearest feeling is the immensely suffering and baffling connection between those living and those slowly dying.
Slowly bring to a simmer over medium heat, without stirring.
Then you beat some more slowly, adding a half pound of sugar.
If using a mixer, add the dry ingredients slowly until combined with the mixer on the slowest setting.
Slowly whisk in milk and bring to a boil, whisking constantly.
Whisk together egg yolks and sugar, then slowly add cream mixture, whisking to combine.
Whisk together yolks in a bowl, then slowly whisk in hot cream mixture.
Pour slowly over pecans in baking dish and smooth top.
Pour cream slowly over leeks, then scatter bread crumbs on top.
Mix slowly with the paddle and add the eggs one at a time, letting each one get incorporated before adding the next.
Changes, when they do occur, come slowly and almost imperceptibly.
Slowly pour rhubarb mixture into a sieve set over a bowl.
We added some milk slowly until the dough formed a ball, then dumped it out onto a floured table.
Add eggs to soup in a thin stream, stirring slowly in one direction with a spoon.
Remove string and slowly slide parchment out from underneath chicken and broth.
Crank it in there until the emulsion forms again, then slowly pour the oil back in.
He started to swirl the liquid in the pan, his hands moving slowly at first, deliberately.
The cooking process had to start with braising or boiling on a stovetop before the cooking could continue slowly in the hay box.
Slowly, the herring-lovers left the hotel, still discussing favorite dishes with fellow-travellers as they went.
He surrounds his characters with an intense stillness, and then slowly introduces the ungovernable into their lives.
He was slowly, slowly completing a lap in the next lane.
Alternate chapters relate the stories of two disparate but slowly converging heroes.
Gerard made a fire and watched the snake as it came slowly back to itself.
During the next two decades, reading continued to fall and television watching to rise, though more slowly.
He would slowly and laboriously puzzle out words, letter by letter.
Walk slowly from the house until you come to a brightly lighted public place.
Started at his right and panned ever so slowly around the room.
He works slowly, producing three or four large paintings a year.
Sometimes memory ages its flavors as slowly as wine does.
She grasped the arm of the sofa and let herself down slowly.
The flame should be low so the fish slowly releases its juices, which thicken into a rich sauce.
Small family groups were slowly walking toward the parade route.
But paradoxically, our era may be remembered as the moment when the religious gulf between the continents began to slowly close.
It automatically adjusted to each student's ability, advancing slowly for some and quickly for others.
Though health-care spending will never stop growing completely, it would grow more slowly under this scenario.
And one must try to do that, one must try to keep the poem seeming sudden and abrupt even though it has been slowly contrived.
It is slowly consumed by disease that spreads throughout the structure.
Without these essential proteins, vital chemical reactions would occur far too slowly, if at all.
After many operations and with hardly an inch of her body unscarred, she left hospital and slowly put her life back together.
T he climate crisis may at times appear to be happening slowly, but in fact it is a true planetary emergency.
Don't wander all over the sidewalk, walking slowly one moment and rushing the next.
Slowly drizzle the oil butter into the mixture to blend.
And it remained a sensation for months as the tomb's glorious contents were slowly made public.
Detection and treatment often work more slowly and gropingly, from the outside in.
Users may notice that their timelines are updating slowly.
But you know your aches and pains, when you're younger you can get over them, but then they slowly get worse.
Her mood, people say, shifted from shock and fury to devastation as the significance of what had happened slowly settled in.
Slowly, as the conversation unfolded, she realized that he already knew.
Our culture is slowly starting to get more comfortable with the idea of it.
Starting slowly, it broadened the diversity of its student body, accepting more people of color and more scholarship students.
Slowly, she began to realize her longing to maintain a close connection was not being reciprocated.
And so they both got up, really slowly, and walked out of the room.
He slowly brings together two magnets until they repel each other.
Microbes vanquished for decades are slowly mutating to resist our pharmaceutical defenses.
Into the syringes they slowly dripped a urea-based nutrient broth that also contained calcium chloride.
At the same time, the aged brain processes the stream of visual data much more slowly.
Climbing slowly and deliberately the way an orangutan does puts a lot of stress on limb bones, she says.
Yet the sea level here is slowly but steadily rising.
In a world with no one left to bury the bad stuff, decaying chemical containers would slowly expose their lethal contents.
And then, slowly, he began to make small movements of his arms and legs.
Computer simulations suggest that smaller, terrestrial worlds probably arise slowly, through the core-accretion process.
As an occasional vehicle slowly skirts the town's commons, bundled bicyclists glide by silently.
The more plant eaters there are, the fewer plants there are and the more slowly rocks weather.
His detailed calculations indicated that the planet's orbit slowly but steadily drifts.
His body had slowly run out of a vitamin that humans get only from animal products.
Sobs start slowly, soft hiccups of distress escalating into wails of despair.
Suddenly, she became aware of a strange numb feeling in her leg, travelling slowly from her knee to her thigh.
It moves ahead slowly as a body of work that, in time, seems to point in one direction.

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