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Example sentences for slowdown

The severity of the economic slowdown was not yet fully yet anticipated.
Even if a taxi never encounters a slowdown, clues from the trip can indicate an underlying problem with urban planning.
For many years economists attributed this reduced growth to a difficult-to-explain slowdown in business productivity.
The decline partly reflects the typical fall slowdown after the peak buying season.
The signs of slowdown actually show that the authorities have been effective in achieving their goals.
However, the budget balance is set to deteriorate, while growth could halve because of the impact of the global economic slowdown.
There have been further signs of economic slowdown this week.
But this time a sudden slowdown would not be easy to hide.
But beyond the business cycle, another slowdown has received scant attention.
The president begins her second term facing an economic slowdown.
There are two possible explanations for these signs of slowdown.
The slowdown in industrial production looks even more dramatic.
One sign of a sustained slowdown would be a return to less frothy condo names.
Faster productivity growth could help to mitigate the slowdown, but it does not seem to be forthcoming.
But there is little dispute that a serious slowdown in trade is under way.
Given the subsequent slowdown, the government's revenue aims seem aspirational rather than feasible.
More and more signs are pointing to a punishing slowdown-with a recession looking likelier by the day.
One trigger for this could be a sharp economic slowdown.
Other barometers suggest that the job market so far is weathering the slowdown in overall economic activity.
Now economic activity may shrink as part of a global slowdown.
The new economic reality has been jarring for a country considered not long ago nearly impervious to the global slowdown.
The slowdown could come as several major new projects are launching.
As a central banker, my focus will be on the challenges this slowdown poses for monetary policymakers.
The information available is insufficient to conclude the claimant participated in a work slowdown.
In other words, part of the slowdown is temporary, and part of it may be longer lasting.
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