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The explosions speed up for stretches, but then they do slow down.
It was as if she couldn't slow down without falling.
The technocrats seem pleased by the chance to slow down the frantic pace of growth.
The age graph demonstrates that while many conductors slow down as they get older many others do not.
He used time-lapse photography to slow down or speed up the movement of plants.
She veered out into the road, causing an oncoming car to slow down.
When the weather cools, cold-blooded animals slow down, which should be good news for their potential prey.
Factually, one can slow down time, but the speculation about going backward in time is premature.
Brains slow down as they become more easily distracted.
Perhaps a focusing laser in space to slow down their orbits, but then, the threat of fowl play.
The news about endangered species doesn't slow down.
Turns out drivers knew they needed to slow down more than a tenth of a second before they tap the brakes.
Although it was relatively easy to start walking and change direction, it was harder to slow down and stop.
Because total energy is conserved, the difference in photon energy is extracted from the atomic motion--the atoms slow down.
It is especially pronounced if you blink your eyes to revive the image to slow down the fading.
Research shows that active lifestyles, both mentally and physically, slow down brain aging.
No matter how event occur around you, if they speed up or slow down, you will always experience time as you do now.
People need to slow down and take stock of the surroundings, even if they are regulars.
But loopholes and exemptions mean that it may not slow down deforestation much.
When that light reaches the end of the fibre, however, things slow down.
They did so partly out of spite, partly to slow down the allied advance.
If the hand moves backwards, the robot will slow down or stop.
Unemployment lags behind economic trends, as struggling businesses shed staff or slow down any new recruitments.
Getting rid of wonky mitochondria would reduce free-radical production and might thus slow down ageing.
These days it isn't often that one gets to slow down and disconnect, much as one may wish for it.
If gas sales continue to fall, however, their decline will reverberate across the economy and could slow down the recovery.
The manic episodes may slow down as a result of the natural aging process.
The growth in health care employment has to slow down, and soon.
And as things slow down up north, it's time to plant.
The products slow down or stop moving forward entirely.
Do not lift the cover, as that will let the steam out and slow down the cooking process.
So as a road becomes congested, the faster-moving traffic is the first to slow down.
Since it costs more energy to ship goods, this could explain the slow down.
Without the supplements, he said, milk production would slow down and his balance sheet would look even worse.
If the agency primarily doles out cash to contractors or grantees, they can slow down the amount of money distributed.
It will certainly slow down if a cure for cancer is suddenly found.
Unions inherently slow down and often inhibit fast action.
Drivers, seeing the unusual pavement and hearing the rumble of bricks under their tires, instinctively slow down.
If construction doesn't slow down accordingly, then the inventory of new homes will begin growing.
When the judge asked him to slow down, he apologized, saying he had not spoken much in the past years.
Slow down, produce a quality proposal, and submit it to the agency next year or submit it to a similar agency now.
And she noted that she doesn't expect her work to slow down.
He pointed to studies that show that one can safely slow down the air speed in fume hoods.
However, it can slow down progress toward a degree, and it may not even come with a salary.
Time to slow down a little without slacking off completely.
Nicole dissects the first day and decides she needs to slow down.
The consumption cycle must be reduced, the advice in this post promote things that will slow down this cycle.
But as they approach shoreline and enter shallower water they slow down and begin to grow in energy and height.
Sunlight can speed up or slow down the spin of small asteroids, according to a trio of related papers appearing this week.
At such chilly temperatures the water molecules slow down enough to freeze spontaneously.
The researchers noticed that both planets' orbital periods speed up and slow down at regular intervals.
We rarely have to slow down, though, because there's almost no other traffic.
Maxwell's equations didn't seem to allow light to slow down or stop when moving through space.
Boosting telomerase activity could help to slow down aging and stabilize some of these illnesses, scientists say.
When you stare into the distance, time seems to slow down.
When less energy is needed, engineers slow down the intake system by closing some of the tunnels.
It will slow down your metabolism, so you don't lose weight quickly.
And if you think ads slow down page loads now, readers had to download the first banner ads over thin dial-up connections.
Slow down and watch the number and progress bar grow.
Local politicians are even trying to slow down the proliferation.
After you the sizzling starts to slow down in the oven, take a peek.
In the future, perhaps all too soon, time will slow down.
When there isn't enough of the hormone, things generally slow down, including the metabolism.
Slow down, and you'll decrease your orbit, and speed up.
As these waves move through the solar interior, regions with different densities make them speed up or slow down.
The heavier magnesium ions helped cool and slow down the beryllium ions.
The waves slow down in relatively warm spots and speed up in cool ones.
We really want to slow down the progress of the disease at an early stage.
The ball will pick up momentum from the car and the car will slow down a bit.
To the observer, the probe seems to slow down as it nears the event horizon and eventually stops entirely.
So fathers silence genes that slow down growth, and mothers silence genes that promote growth.
Putting a stop to their one shot at reproduction should slow down malaria transmission.
The solution is theoretically simple: boost the atrioventricular node's blocking power and slow down the ventricles.
When the immune system attacks and destroys myelin, the impulses that control movement and sensation slow down and sometimes stop.
The hydrogen probably is a by-product of the residual nuclear reactions mentioned above, as they slow down.
Sometimes our brains actually need to slow down, however.
Sans-serif types, in contrast, present a thicket of vertical strokes that slow down the eye's horizontal movement.
They needed to slow down the transmission to make the messages unambiguous.
They can even remotely slow down your vehicle, or disable its ignition, if it's reported stolen.
Fewer goods would be transported to fewer buyers-who would have less money anyway-so the economy would start to slow down.
If you cut off power to an electric motor, it can still spin freely, so the car doesn't slow down much.
Over time, pulsars slow down as they dissipate energy so any sudden increase in rotation speed is odd.
Who's to say a way to slow down or stop cancer hasn't been found, but isn't in their interest to release it.
Thus, as the amount of ethanol in solution goes up, the microbes slow down.
Before a right-hand turn, for example, the video will slow down and focus on images on the right-hand side of the street.
Despite the current hot-and-cold economy, don't look for technology company launches to slow down.
Something that could slow down the technique is that genetic changes are not all inherited.
Infected machines often slow down dramatically and begin generating error messages.
The rate may slow down as variants with the biggest impact on common diseases are identified.
Heavy transient loads will slow down the nearest generator as it works harder to supply the demand.
To avoid both results, trains often slow down at curves.
State law requires motorists to move over or slow down when approaching emergency vehicles with their lights activated.
Geoengineering could slow down the global water cycle.
The yield sign indicates a driver must slow down and give way to all traffic and pedestrians.
If approaching an on-coming snow plow, slow down and give the plow a little extra room.
Slow down and brake properly to prevent brake failure on long downgrades.
Motorists urged to slow down and be alert for wildlife.
Motorists urged to slow down for turtles and other wildlife.
And by all means slow down to prevent work-zone accidents.
Actually, you both need to slow down, but let's start with your expectations.
Morning rush hour motorists are cautioned to slow down and leave extra distance between themselves and vehicles ahead of them.
Next, slow down until you feel unnatural or even off balance.

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