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By the time a driver felt the bumps under his tires, it was usually too late to stop or slow down.
Its slow and fast and slow and fast and slow and fast and maddeningly frustrating to follow in heavy traffic too.
Two treatments that boost the immune system improve survival rates and slow cancer growth in late-stage melanoma patients.
After a while, one room has only fast moving particles, and the other has only slow moving particles.
My second way of editing myself is to try to slow down a little.
Some argued that it was exaggerated by the unsustainable boom in output and investment, and would slow when the economy faltered.
Instead, elephant nerves can either be relatively slow and sensitive or fast and dulled.
Brains slow down as they become more easily distracted.
And where do people get the idea that reptiles are so slow.
Trunk is slow to form, bu more add to my plant list.
There's the slow food movement, and now there's the slow social network movement.
Always a little slow to adapt, higher education began this year to explore the academic uses of smartphones and tablets.
But her book is so detailed it can be slow slogging for readers who are not environmental historians.
Slow growing in pots, fairly f more add to my plant list.
It's slow and clunky, it's not available everywhere and it's sensitive to distance.
Under its slow grope, trees drop their favorite work.
If everybody aims to use cheap electricity, the slow time in the middle of the night becomes the high demand time.
The slow but violent collision of these three plates produces spectacular earthquakes, tsunamis, and eruptions.
Use soaker hoses or a regular hose set for a slow soak.
Put the chicken in a bowl under slow running cold water.
Progress is so slow in higher education, particularly in tight budget times.
The slow shutter exaggerates the explosive look of the fireworks.
They are teasing out ways to slow the biological clock as well as the degradation that time imposes on our bodies and minds.
Nothing is new under the sun, but sometimes the word is slow to circulate.
The authorities were slow to evacuate people downwind, slow to notify rest of world severity of situation.
There he exemplified the national trend toward slow completion.
But don't be afraid to handhold at slow shutter speeds-the serendipitous effects can be wonderful.
Office buildings are cramming more people into existing floors, but the increased population can slow elevator service.
Thighs in particular are perceived as fatty and slow to cook.
Here's how to slow your roll on a bike with no brakes.
The scoop-shaped shell of the snail could help slow storm water.
Genetically tailored approach could slow disease progress.
When the weather cools, cold-blooded animals slow down, which should be good news for their potential prey.
Politics slow polio's eradication--and cause it to spread.
Mostly because it was becoming a resource hog, and was pretty slow.
Uncontrolled or slow movement is a problem with muscle tone, usually in large muscle groups.
If you want to help kids work through emotional issues, it's a slow process.
By themselves, today's fuel prices will slow consumer spending, but will not send it tumbling.
The plant is slow to reach blooming age, but is then free blooming.
Long-lived but initially slow to grow, peonies sulk if disturbed.
Though plenty of research studies have refuted such presumptions, the belief system is slow to change.
At the same time, the migration of workers from agriculture to industry will slow.
Since braising is a slow wet cooking method, it tends to break things down pretty well.
Expect plants to slow down when the weather heats up.
The only sound was the slow drip of runoff from gutters and rooftops.
He's more for the long, insolent stare with a couple of slow blinks.
The decline is fast if growth is fast and slow if growth is slow.
The decline of manufacturing has not meant slow growth, however.
Scientists also chaffed at the restriction, saying it will slow and perhaps even cripple promising medical research.
Generally speaking, teaching work does tend to slow down work on a dissertation.
The cold would slow germ growth in the meat, rendering the use of spices unnecessary.
US slow in adopting helpful hearing induction loops.
His contract could reward him more generously if he wrecks the company and is fired than if he settles for slow or no growth.
Innovation in arm and hand prostheses has been slow because the market for the devices is small and development costs are high.
The colony has shown an extremely slow growth rate-less than a bird per year on average.
Growing crops to make biofuels may accelerate global warming, not slow down its effects, a new study says.
Any slow starts or early plateaus will pull us off track.
Intensifying the problem is the slow reproduction rate of the reptiles.
The ancient pterosaur was a slow flier that coasted on light air currents and could soar for hours.
Saving the trees could slow climate change, new research shows.
The trouble is that as with so many other things in education, we're the slow-last-minute-adopters, all of us.
Professors share their favorite slow-cooker recipes in this ongoing thread.
New findings for cancer therapy with slow electrons.
US senators have introduced a second bill designed to slow the flow of military money to for-profit colleges.
Slow and patient reading, by contrast, properly belongs to our leisure hours.
Educators need to be more imaginative in finding ways to slow or reduce the alarming rise in the cost of college.
It's a whole lot better than downloading them yourself, although the process is pretty slow.
Cursive is slow, and it requires too much concentration on the shape of the printed letter.
E-mail is sometimes inaccessible to students and staff on the move, and text-message systems have been slow.
Yes, the first few installments of the opening season were slow, but the investment is paying off.
Our students discover that the scientific method is difficult, slow, and sometimes tedious.
However, the program has gotten off to a slow start.
Slow motion enables viewers to see precisely where a play succeeds or fails.
Other fossils showed that it was only after females began reproducing that their growth began to slow.
All were big, had short arms and were often reconstructed as being on the more rotund and slow-moving side of scale.
The slow-cooked meal was designed to stretch low-quality cuts of meat and make them more flavorful.
These easy slow-cooker dinner recipes make hearty meals.
Real, slow-cooked barbecue takes time, but this dish is truly worth it.
The pace of research, however, is slow due to inadequate funding.
The rate of delivery of retinal to the photoreceptors is the probable reason for the relatively slow rate of dark adaptation.
Scientists have now rectified that situation, although you might call it a slow fix.
Antiviral drugs can slow down replication of the virus, but cannot cure it.
But they might be used to slow small particles down at lesser intensities.
Because total energy is conserved, the difference in photon energy is extracted from the atomic motion--the atoms slow down.
For years scientists have known about slow earthquakes-temblors that last days, weeks, or even months.
The tundra is also slow to repair itself from physical disturbances, such as vehicular tracks.
As the ant closes its jaws, it uses them to push off the ground-all faster than the eye can see without slow motion video.
Through intense concentration, archers can slow their respiration and reduce tiny tremors in their hands.
The main driver that causes earthquakes is the slow process of plate tectonics.
At such chilly temperatures the water molecules slow down enough to freeze spontaneously.
Slow-cookers are the perfect throwback gadgets for the busy modern chef.
Progress has been slow, however, and many promised reforms have been slow to come to fruition.
Of the corn-songs of the field-hands slow returning.
Add remaining ingredients, turn into a buttered dish, and bake in a slow oven until firm.
Bake from thirty-five to forty minutes in a slow oven.
Bake one hour in slow oven, covering the first half-hour of baking.
Cook in a slow oven until delicately browned and thoroughly dried.
Bake twenty minutes on a buttered tin sheet in a slow oven.
There are other fights to be fought in that war, other victories to be won, and it is slow work.
Turn in a buttered pudding-dish, and bake thirty-five minutes in a slow oven.
Digital technology isn't the blame here this isn't about being slow to move, it's about being quick to forget.
The bad news is that this looks likely to slow because working-age populations will decline more rapidly than overall populations.
It will gradually catch up with this slow pulse, reducing the speed of light in the slow pulse's vicinity.
He refused a knighthood almost to the end, pointing out that he had written only a slow handful of books.
But your computer is slow and overloaded with files.
Tomato paste has the deep flavor that many chefs and home cooks have come to admire in slow-roasted tomatoes.
Population growth was slow partly because the economy showed so little promise.
These days it isn't often that one gets to slow down and disconnect, much as one may wish for it.
And it's a lot easier to open up emotionally, when you've set some boundaries physically, or certainly when you slow the pace.
Texting while driving makes people twice as slow to react to things.
But these changes are relatively slow compared to changes in activity of the nerves themselves.
Drugs that lower blood pressure can slow aortic enlargement.
No one can say for certain that these initiatives will improve efficiency enough to slow the growth in health care spending.
The three methods your mind uses to reverse, speed, and even slow the minutes.
Societies grow through slow, incremental change, but their collapse can be sudden and dramatic.
In the future, perhaps all too soon, time will slow down.
We really want to slow down the progress of the disease at an early stage.
When there isn't enough of the hormone, things generally slow down, including the metabolism.
Calcium channel blockers slow the flow of calcium ions across certain cell membranes.
When reaching toward the co-twin-especially around the eyes and mouth-their motion was relatively slow and delicate.
There are exceptions to this recurring tale of slow divergence.
When particularly strong or slow winds flow over angled blades, the blades can lose lift and stop rotating.
When you are under total anesthesia, your brain waves become deep and slow.
Actually they continue to slow, ever approaching stopping but never actually reaching it.
Boxing should be banned, sparing us the fodder for future boxing sagas and slow-motion chugs around the ring.
Fewer goods would be transported to fewer buyers-who would have less money anyway-so the economy would start to slow down.
Its disaster has long been a slow unwinding that seemed to remove it from the rest of the country.
Signs and message boards warn you of workers, slow-moving equipment, and closed lanes ahead.
Great athletes are often said to experience time on the playing field in a kind of slow motion.
Her lover had said that she was always too slow to know what she really loved.
Clouds in the staring sky transmit to each other, by means of slow signs, incredibly detailed information regarding him.
To slow its progress, opponents call its social effectiveness a myth.
He plunged off to shake hands with everybody he knew, moving around the room in a slow, counterclockwise semicircle.
The bad news is that it remains excruciatingly slow, and the rate of rejections is high-strangely high.
The performers' movements-at times delicate and slow, at times fast and agitated-help bring out the tension.
When you have a funeral procession, the people are doing more of a slow dirge.
He kept an eye on the five when they moved off in a bunch, causing an oncoming car to slow to a crawl as they crossed the street.
Bloated bureaucracies move slowly, and are therefore slow to die.
If there is a risk, the possible consequences are so grave that you must not let worries over evidence slow you down.
Sans-serif types, in contrast, present a thicket of vertical strokes that slow down the eye's horizontal movement.
They needed to slow down the transmission to make the messages unambiguous.
Other footage shows protesters who were a step too slow and were pushed under the vehicles.
There is no easy or cheap way to guarantee the bad loans, but ways must be found to slow the default rate.
True, the improvement is slow-no doubt slower than everyone hoped and many people expected.
Consequently, the growth of the anti-drug violence movement has been slow.
We lack the molecular tools to distinguish between slow- and fast-growing cancers.
They had been bombarding natural uranium with slow neutrons.
Even with a big radio station behind you, the going can be slow.
Whether higher prices will slow e-book sales remains to be answered.
Remove the earbuds, unless you are alone with slow, peaceful music.
Lightly whisk eggs in a medium bowl, then add half of hot milk mixture in a slow stream, whisking constantly.
Lightly beat eggs with salt in a bowl, then add hot chocolate mixture in a slow stream, whisking.
The slow, gentle cooking also makes it unnecessary to presoak the beans.
With mixer at low speed, pour hot syrup into gelatin mixture in a slow stream down side of bowl.
Add hot cream mixture in a slow stream, whisking constantly, and pour back into pan.
Whisk yolks in a bowl until blended, then add hot cream mixture in a slow stream, whisking.
Add hot cream mixture to eggs in a slow stream, whisking, and pour into pan.
It was smoky, complex, with a foundation of garlic and slow-building heat.
With motor running, add oil in a slow stream, blending until combined.
Pour half of milk mixture into egg mixture in a slow stream, whisking, then pour egg mixture into remaining milk mixture.
Whisk in vinegar, then add oil in a slow stream, whisking.
With motor still running, add oil in a slow, steady stream until incorporated.
Then they cook them over a slow fire in the big iron kettle, till the feet grow tender, and they salt them to taste.
Skillet-fried chicken requires a slow hand, an experienced eye.
Other fission products slow the chain reaction, requiring replacement of fuel every one or two years.
Both the energy consumption and the slow rate of production make the process expensive.
The treatment appeared to slow cognitive decline in a few patients, but had no effect in others.
Both processes are slow, and they require expensive equipment.
Good beach photos often include silky-looking waves, a trick achieved through slow shutter speeds.
In remote viewing their position, an enormous time dilation caused the crew to appear moving in slow motion.
Such advances mark a turning point after decades of slow progress.
Most people will chose to slow aging if they are given the choice.
Change is slow and happening where is that chart showing the human influence after taking into account a clean change.
But development has been slow--a number of products have failed clinical trials.
His voice is mellifluous and folksy, his cadence slow and thoughtful.
Rocket propulsion has always been slow, expensive, dangerous and primitive.

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