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Example sentences for slouch

Don't let your shoulders slump, your head droop, or your lower back slouch.
It takes some beef to run all the peripherals, and the handset itself is no slouch.
It's a tie between the gap-toothed grin framed with big ears and the round-shouldered, bowlegged slouch.
He moves with an athletic slouch, and his fair skin is weathered from years of island sun.
Their parents slouch around in hoodies and sneakers.
They slouch toward adulthood at an uneven, highly individual pace.
For every starry-eyed aspirant who succeeds, another dozen slouch off broken, physically as well as financially.
The model was no slouch the following year, with deliveries of more than a million cars.
Use body language to show interest-use eye contact and don't slouch.
Watch him pull out the old pipe, draw down the old slouch hat, loll around the campfire with the boys.
If you slouch it might make them think you're either too nervous or too laid back.
They should not slouch, wear hats, or chew gum in court.
It has been noted that mounted orderlies and others are inclined to slouch in the saddle.
Studies have shown that without lumbar support the user will slouch, thereby placing large stresses on the lower back.

Famous quotes containing the word slouch

she gives her children neither sense nor money Who slouch arouond the world with a gesture and a brogue And... more
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