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Example sentences for slothful

If not lazy, too energetic at tossing and too slothful at grasping.
For it is a lazy public which produces a slothful and irresponsible theatre.
Digital comics are clearly the format of choice for the slothful.
To prescribe the group that is slothful to become athletes seems to miss the point.
Slothful medical suppliers will suffer from these cuts, but the smarter ones are spotting new opportunities.
Creating huge regulation and adding more bureaucracy to an already slothful government will not help anyone.
They will become slothful as they acquire needless size.
Such slothful mismanagement was calculated to affront an energetic spirit.
If you're crummy at math you can thank your slothful wheat- and corn-growing ancestors who slept through the long, cold winter.
They are morally and intellectually slothful people who are secretly envious of the educated and the cultured.
Neither does it tarry long in the hands of those too slothful, too dishonest, or too unintelligent to exercise it.
She used often to say to others, that devotion is false if slothful.

Famous quotes containing the word slothful

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