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The crew slips through a narrow horizontal slot on the side of the mine, crawling headfirst down a boulder-filled slope.
If you have made up your mind, bow out graciously and allow someone else to take your slot.
It involves the reason why people play slot machines, or gamble more generally.
They want everyone to have a slot who wants one, and they want the slots to be awarded according to merit.
Wright also showed how a pin-and-slot construction could be used to model the movement of the moon.
Slot canyons are comparatively short and unusually narrow canyons that can be several hundred feet deep.
Panelists agreed that behind its historic facades the town had lost its soul to ranks of gleaming slot machines.
Sometimes there is a little pushing and shoving in the line as these small-scale growers vie for a slot of time at the press.
The inner drum, containing the clothes and the beads, has a small slot in it.
It has been turned into computer games and slot machines.
In this game players rotate falling shapes so that they slot neatly together instead of saving self-destructive furry animals.
Judging who will work best in which slot is one of the key tasks of leadership.
It may not be long before the tech giant is hogging the top slot.
The rest is all taken up with handling paperwork, scheduling parts and determining a slot in the manufacturing process.
At one time a piston ring was cut from a flat piece of steel and the a small slot was cut in it.
If there appears to be anything stuck onto the card slot or keypad, don't use it.
It's a razor and mirror, folded up together into a package the size and shape of a credit card, ready for a slot in your wallet.
It's a slot-machine-style game, which means there's absolutely nothing for you to do, no skill involved whatsoever.
The slot receiver had to be helped off the field and into the locker room.
Every dollar that gets dropped into a racetrack slot machine serves several purposes.
Otherwise, she may fall short of the final four slot her talent merits.
Hunter figures to slot in as the swing tackle again this year.
The show is boring but popular for the same reason slot machines are popular at casinos.
In the crack compliance method, a slot or cut is introduced into the part.
We will achieve this objective by completing development of an improved method for measuring the catapult slot width.

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