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They slosh out into a bog, and with inexplicable simultaneity, begin applauding wildly.
Explain that the rocking should cause the water to slosh but should be gentle enough to leave the sediment in place.
If you think of an ocean basin as a bowl, tides are waves that slosh from one side of the bowl to the other at regular intervals.
The surge would slosh over the levees around the lake into the city.
The extra money may simply slosh around the financial system without providing any kind of lift to the real economy.
Wrongly applied credit can slosh around, drive up costs and create excess capacity.
Soon, much less global liquidity will be around to slosh its way into commodity markets.
Another concern is that the thrusters' fuel might slosh around, causing some of them to fire unevenly.
But if the winds slacken briefly, warm water begins to slosh back across the ocean, while the upwelling in the east slows down.
Or it's not going to slosh around as you type on it.
Another, wearing rubber boots to slosh through the shark guts that soon cover the deck, throws the fish onto the dock.

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