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The transition from land to sea begins at the continental shelf, a gently sloping, submerged extension of the continent.
My tiny bedroom with its sloping ceilings and solitary window facing north.
And right around the river, sloping gently down to the lakeshore, was a floodplain of silt and clay.
Geologic formations indicate that the landscape during that era was a gentle, sloping plain.
Outside his neat brick house, a rain gauge rises at the edge of a sloping driveway.
Since it's heeled onto one side, they'll have to learn how to walk on walls and scale the sloping, perilous decks.
There were many fundraisers in their sloping, running-down-to-the-swimming pool garden.
Because the structure was not designed to support the added strain imposed by a sloping foundation, it might well collapse.
The air rushes out of tiny, millimeter-long slots that run along the circular frame and flows down a gently sloping ramp.
Ensure employees do not enter trenches deeper than five feet without the benefit of shoring, benching, or sloping.
Double sloping roof with airflow in between roof panels.
These nearly level to gently sloping areas are mapped along the shoreline of the ocean, bays, and coastal lagoons.
Curbs can be categorized as either vertical face or sloping face.
The topography ranges from nearly level and gently rolling to strongly sloping.
The soils range from gently sloping glacial till prairie soils to strongly sloping loess forest soils.
Waves of sloping, tiled rooftops rolled toward the school.

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