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The shelf ends at a break, where the increased steepness is defined as the continental slope.
The magnitude of the gradient vector field-which represents the steepness of a slope-is not the same at all points of the contour.
Finally she planted agaves, aloes, and other species to cover the slope without blocking ocean views.
Slope also affects airflow: warm air rises, cold air sinks.
Supply curves in economics still slope upward regardless of who is doing the instructing.
Do not forget that the slope of a curve has a magnitude as well as a sign.
It is a slippery slope that not only has legal implications but moral ones as well.
For engineering reasons turbines must be mounted on vertical poles, regardless of the slope of the landscape.
The slope of this recession is much steeper than the slope of the basic relationship.
However, my wine merchant claims that the slope of the function is unique to the consumer's palate.
Such comments serve to confirm the fears of those predicting a slippery slope.
More important, research-based drug firms are using a variety of tactics to make the patent cliff slope more gently.
Meddling with the prices of unhealthy food starts the government down a slippery slope.
Party leaders would see this as a dangerous step down the slippery slope towards a separation of powers.
They see a slippery slope towards a vulgar, market-driven industry, sacrificing centuries of craftsmanship.
Beyond the river, the ground rises with rocky promontories protruding from the otherwise gentle tree-covered slope.
Soon, the tunnel ended at a verdant slope leading up to the city streets.
Sake had managed to get up the ice-covered slope by turning and walking up back-end-first, a neat trick.
The crew slips through a narrow horizontal slot on the side of the mine, crawling headfirst down a boulder-filled slope.
On its northern slope is a wooded park meticulously groomed to create the impression of untouched wildness.
At the bottom of the slope, the ranks of the camels began.
Winter resort packing is further complicated by the need for both on-slope and off-slope clothing.
Skis often skid away-or plunge deeper into the snow-when you try to step into the bindings on a precipitous slope.
Called katabatic winds, they are pulled down the slope of the icecap by gravity.
Everyone-from beginners to heli-ski devotees-will find their perfect slope.
He climbed the back of the boulder, stepped high onto a jutting shelf, and scrambled up a steep slope into the darkness.
Now a huge swath of west-facing slope-and the pesky stone structures thereon-have been cleared to make way for a small farm.
Have students take turns creating rain by gently pouring a small amount of water near the upper slope of the land.
They looked for the slope offering the easiest route up.
As they turned and ran down the steep slope, the mountain erupted.
Hazards vary with the time of day, aspects of slope, and elevation.
From the break, the shelf descends toward the deep ocean floor in what is called the continental slope.
Researchers and local authorities blocked the flow in a tube that was feeding lava from higher up the slope.
We keep one eye on a group crossing a scree slope, the other eye on the cliffs at its top.
The upper-left of the image shows a number of funnel-shaped depressions lined up parallel to the slope inclination.
By excusing more and more accuracy and objectivity start down the slippery slope.
It emerged from foliage on the side of an impossibly steep cliff and proceeded to clamber up the slope without much difficulty.
It would suggest to me that the incline in the slippery slope may be steeper at this point than is generally supposed.
From there it was but a few steps down the slippery slope to freelance journalism.
He beckoned to his group, and they started up, bent forward against the slope.
People say there's a slippery slope, that we'd end up stoning people.
Will flood the slope with lip gloss brought to boil.
All this for swells that, let's face it, rarely amount to more than the wave equivalent of a bunny slope.
If the pile's slope gets too steep, it doesn't collapse to a low slope.
Slippery slope of lauding questionable methods using illogic and false data as long as the results are good.
She grabs a stick with her bill, pushes it forward through the hole and knocks the morsel onto a slope,.
Third, if an argument uses a slippery slope that does not mean it's perforce wrong.
But yes, my whole point was that there's no slippery slope, because we've already gone down it.
There's a slippery slope here, trading off explanatory power for triviality.
There was also a snow leopard versus a mountain goat on a nearly vertical slope.
Try to favor the first, as the other leads down a slippery slope.
It was unclear how far down the flanks of the peak the lava was falling, but it appeared only about a half mile down the slope.
And when you begin to limit freedoms, you step onto a slippery slope.
Then the slope turned vertical beneath him and he went weightless as he began to drop straight down the face.
But on their way back to the gorge, the slope proved too steep, and the tractor flipped.
Roof coatings are liquids that are brush, roller or spray applied to a surface such as a low-slope roof.
The side-to-side motion, which feels similar to carving your way down a ski slope, is what propels you.

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