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Example sentences for slogan

Commercial use of the slogan potentially is a multimillion-dollar business.
One trustee ran with the idea of raising money to help students, the slogan was coined, and the effort began shortly thereafter.
My slogan is swimming for peace, but also achieving the impossible.
The final requirement for a marketing masterpiece is an enigmatic, meaningless slogan which hints at profound conceptual depth.
No place to run should be the federal corporate tax slogan.
We think he could have been more creative with the slogan.
And in the interest of being able to market their commitment to a slogan.
Until recently, that would have been more joke than slogan.
Even those who suspected the slogan was fake found they could not disagree with it.
Second it works well as a catchphrase and slogan and fits easily into many different contexts.
As a slogan it is often used as an excuse for the rich not to act.
Coke also plans marketing changes including easier-to-read labels, a new slogan and promotions.
Uncharacteristically, they failed to accompany the release with a catchy slogan.
But you know that this is a possible goal and slogan.
But compelling as that slogan was, in truth the shopper was cheated of the crown.
Labour hired the hall and plastered its windows with its vapid campaign slogan, forward not back.
Twelve-step programs have a slogan that may be useful here.
The slogan receiving the highest total is awarded the slogan of the month.
Use of equal housing opportunity logotype, statement, or slogan.

Famous quotes containing the word slogan

Moreover, the slogan "highbrows and lowbrows, unite!", which he had spouted already, is all wrong since tru... more
The slogan '45 minutes in Havana' was not coined in the Cuban city, but in a Yankee cigar factory here.... more
During Prohibition days, when South Carolina was actively advertising the iodine content of its vegetables, the Hell Hol... more
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