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Example sentences for slog

All along you'll have to slog through courses unrelated to the fund-raising profession.
The slog down to the equator is the opportunity to put yourself in the best possible place for crossing the doldrums.
But public trust must be there from the beginning, or this will be a long uphill slog.
For years, reporters and researchers have had to slog through several poorly designed and piecemeal electronic warehouses.
Try to keep this in mind as you slog through those early semesters preparing a course for the first time.
The alternative course, and the one he put forward this week, is to slog it out.
What started as a way to make some easy money has turned out to be an unrelenting slog with little financial reward.
Since there are no quick fixes, it had better reconcile itself to the long slog.
The recovery will be a longer slog than many expect.
As a treacherous slog through deep, unmapped, toxic-fume-filled caverns.
Outside the dotcom industry, though, raising money is more of a slog.
Now it's going to be a long slow slog to get back to a more reasonable level of indebtedness.
It seems to help them slog all the way through the tests without resorting to randomly filling in the bubbles.
And while that might not be the same as a cure, it can lighten the slog and uncertainty of treatment.
What should be a season of triumph is shaping up as a long slog through second-guessing and doubt.
The album is both a product of her slog through the rock underground and an exit from it.
They slog through the same rigorous travel schedule.
But its first attempt at a big acquisition has been a frustrating slog.
He said meetings tend to be rambling and unfocused, a hodgepodge of missions stretched out over a two-hour slog.
But the long, pedestrian slog of prevention is thankless.
Most other hardware makers have a much tougher slog.
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Credit cards bills arrive in the mailbox and it's a long slog before warm weather or any significant time off.
Even with reforms, negotiating the disability system can be a maddening slog.
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