slippage in a sentence

Example sentences for slippage

Sidewinding reduces contact between the snake's body and the ground, minimizing slippage on loose soils.
Every advance was followed by slippage and obstruction before, at long last, the job was done.
If so, you'll have to due pairwise comparisons to identify the statistical differences which will result in more alpha slippage.
There appears to be no single explanation for the slippage.
The plan, as initially proposed, provided almost no room for slippage.
There's always slippage between what's on paper and the law in actual practice.
Tire slippage can occur on wet or icy highways, which wastes energy and decreases fuel economy.
When this slippage happens abruptly, presto, you've got an earthquake.
Chance of frame slippage or problem in advancing film: great.
Other common reasons for reoperation include breakdown, slippage, and excessive tightness of the wrap.
Surgery to stabilize the bone with pins or screws will prevent further slippage or displacement of the ball of the hip joint.
But it must be said that the only evidence for this speculation is the seeming slippage of names here.
There's more than a little bit of goal-post slippage going on there.
In part, the slippage is a function of the district's changing character.
Belt slippage can be temporary and may not be excessive.
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