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It's not so much that the throw rugs can slip and slide, it's that the edges of the rugs present fall hazards.
The vanishing-edge pool creates the illusion that it could slip from its moorings and glide away.
If you don't have a tangible souvenir, write it on a slip of paper when you do something, and put it in the folder.
Some markets include ruffled paper or foil cuffs to slip on the rib bone tips.
The researchers created a piece of adhesive large enough to hold a cover slip on a microscope slide.
The pair may have clambered partway down into the cave, only to slip and fall several yards to their deaths.
He fumbled in his pockets and handed me a crumpled slip of paper.
It's precisely in the service to these supposed higher responsibilities that they often let more basic ones slip away.
It's the slime that makes you slip on rocks while crossing a stream.
Slip into the action through these breathtaking images as you plan your next adventure.
The released energy of the earthquake was already present, and was going to slip at some point.
We must remember to slip them into our pockets and purses before leaving the house.
And when the pie is cut, the meringue is inclined to slip off the wedges.
Squeamish readers will already be imagining the horrific problems which arise should the clippers slip from my grasp.
What may have begun with great fanfare, seems to slip away quietly.
The ease with which you can slip in and out of traffic, without breaking into a sweat, is intoxicating.
Tectonic plates slip underneath each other in a process known as subduction.
When pressure builds and the plates slip past one another, an earthquake results.
In the pumpkin's back, use a craft knife to cut a hole large enough to slip in the tap light.
Some fear that the colonel may slip away to a remote corner of the desert, relying on longstanding tribal pledges of protection.
Please include the packing slip that came with your item or a note with your name, address, and the reason for the return.
Slip the bearings over each dowel and secure them through the holes.
Then two tribesmen slip into a pirogue and start paddling toward us.
For the majority on an average or low income, our education, our health care and our quality of life will slip.
But her premenstrual tension proved too much and she started to slip back to her old ways.
Ben decided to slip his logs past the boom in the dark.
For instant effect, slip potted nursery plants directly into decorative containers.
Capacious laptop pouch lets little netbooks slip through the cracks.
And only to slip my tongue into the slot of your mouth.
In the nursing home, he'll slip into rooms so he can snuggle with his head on residents' laps.
When this pressure becomes too strong, the ground moves below the stressed spot-the slip part.
Our scientists regularly slip from the bright familiar world to the dimmer one awaiting discovery beneath the waves.
Slip out the back door, and a few curious chickens will take time out from bug patrol to welcome you to the nursery proper.
Don't slip on the floor, and remember to soak your cleaning rags in water before disposing of them in the metal bin.
Earthquakes occur when such faults slip due to weakness or stress.
What a delight it would be to slip quietly through these forests, observing all.
Then t ouch the spout to the surface of the simmering water in the frying pan and slip the egg in.
The premise behind a filter is simple enough: smaller objects slip through the holes, leaving the larger ones behind.
Or slip a few into your lawn for unexpected bursts of color.
Slip the dowel through the vertical and into the hole in the box-frame side, then mark and cut the dowel to be flush.
Slip a thin spatula under garlic to release from pan.
And you can fill the baskets with any stone that's big enough not to slip through the mesh of the cages.
When fully ripe, cantaloupes slip off the vine easily.
If it should rain, slip into a stone-and-log shelter, or grab a fireside seat in the estate house and have tea.
After you clamp it on, you lift the tree and slip its receptacle-covered base into a hemispherical stand.
Peel under cold water and enjoy feeling the shell slip off the smooth surface of the egg.
And unless something is done about it, another crown could slip.
But for every boat that is caught, more slip through.
They are comfortable, you feet do not sweat nor will you slip.
Before it can slip into the target tissue, a cell exiting the bloodstream must first adhere to the vessel wall.
Either follow the standard, or here is a withdraw slip.
Yet it lacked the heart to defy lobbies which slip through the threadbare tax net.
He lets his studied neutrality slip only occasionally.
But if you're administering drugs in a hospital, such a slip can be deadly.
They fit virtually every shoe sizes and are easy to slip on and off.
Post-revolutionary leaders can find it all too easy to slip into the abusive habits of their predecessors.
Sheila has thoughtfully put a grip pattern on the sole, too, for slip free pedal control.
Slip the rubber band around the coffee filter or cheesecloth to keep it in place.
For every case of ivory that is discovered by police it is anyone's guess how many slip through customs.
They will be praised for every success and held to account for every slip.
Such an inflow would have lubricated the fault, making it more likely that the two sides would slip and slide.
Metal-free and easy to slip off, they are a breeze at airport security.
After that initial flush fades, simply nip off spent blooms and the plant will slip into another round of bloom.
We brush all the bees from the frame and slip the frame into the tub, closing the lid so no bees can get in.
Friction between these two surfaces makes them stick and slip many times each second.
Depending on each fault's location, orientation and direction of slip, its likelihood of rupture may increase or decrease.
Unfortunately, the for-profits are too angry to let that slip by.
He'll squeeze you a faculty smoothie and slip you a side of diploma mill, and do it with a smile.
Or the graduate studies office would slip it across the counter after final submission.
The tendon is inserted into the base of the second metacarpal bone, and sends a slip to the base of the third metacarpal bone.
Break each egg separately into a saucer, and carefully slip into a muffin ring.
Cover with boiling water, and simmer until bones will slip out easily.
Now he got his shoulder and knee up, and again he seemed to slip back until only his head was visible.
At the same moment the carriage began to move, and a gas-lamp at the head of the slip flashed its light into the window.
When at last he could slip away from the crowded house he darted to her.
No money coming in from any of them, and all of them trying to get out of paying and slip through my fingers.
Go to the bank with your local currency and fill out a deposit slip to indicate the amount of money you want to deposit.
For leisurely excursions in warm climates, bring sandals or comfortable slip-on shoes.
First, the political timetable for its ratification could slip.
You're quite right in that time constraints for reviewers allow less than perfect papers to slip into publication.
Shoes were true to size, and despite the straps looking pretty thin, they don't slip off my feet and are secure.
Strike-slip faults, where plates grind against each other, store stress differently.
But if you can navigate those, and slip past the politicians, there may be something else lurking in the water: big sharks.
The new study shows this can happen even along faults that are normally quiet and are not prone to slip.
It shatters under the weight of the horses' hooves as they slip and grind, sending shards clattering into the gorge.
When the halves are removed from the molds they are joined with slip and set to dry.
The semi-aggressive lugs on the anti slip, oil resistant outsole will hold you to the ground on those wet and windy urban days.
Break an egg into an egg separator and let the egg white slip through the separator and into the sink or a container.
Slip a flower or leaf into the pages of a guide book or an extra brochure, and keep it in a place where it will be pressed flat.
What does seem to be clear is that the slip happened in a relatively shallow region of the subduction zone.
Lightly rubberized back provides a non-slip grip, as do the similarly rubberized keys.
My job is to guard the facts, to double-check every statement and make sure no mistakes slip through.
When beets are cool enough to handle, slip off skins.
But engaging and memorable ads slip ideas past our defenses and seed memories that influence our behavior.
Corporate lobbyists let this disclosure mandate slip past them last summer.
My family lived one pink slip, one bad diagnosis away from falling off the economic cliff.
The economy could climb back into its slow recovery or slip back into recession.
There are other reports that the sharks would sometimes slip off of the platform and get tangled in a bed of seaweed.
Two of us sink the floe with our weight and slip it to one side beneath the ice.
We're not talking about a couple slip ups for which he's apologized and should be forgiven.
In that case, wait until they slip into a tryptophan-induced coma and then sneak into the den.
So the miners take their chances, and diamonds slip through.
Last spring he managed to slip a note out to one of his former lieutenants.
Slip him or her some bills to make up for the shortfall you've calculated.
The tires are also designed to temporarily slip if a wind gust causes the flywheel to suddenly speed up.
Yet making touch screens much larger would make a device too bulky to slip discreetly into a pocket.
Recognizing gestures against bright and busy backgrounds might require gamers to wave hot-pink wands or slip on gloves.
The robots are small, wheeled boxes short enough to slip under a shelving unit and lift it up.
They rage on in the blogs and on the radio, waiting obsessively for the mask to slip.
We will be polite for a while but once the slugfest resumes-and politics is a slugfest-the old invective will slip back in.
Trains, it would seem, are perennially modern-even if they slip from sight for a while.
It is unlikely, he says, that they would allow the presidency to slip from their grasp after sixty years.
Things seem so out of control that she fears even to sleep, in case her slender grasp on life should slip entirely away.
The authors tend to slip from psychology to politics and back again in a manner designed to produce intellectual confusion.
They were able to recruit many new personnel, even though their morale had begun to slip.
He does not so much plunge as slip into acting, and the sense of freedom he finds there is always visibly tentative.
The whales approach, the boats slowing behind them, as our five boats slip forward to close the circle.
At the last moment, the anesthesiologist managed to slip a tube through the vocal cords and reestablish oxygen flow to the heart.
The sensation this produces is voluptuous, especially as they slip down the throat.
She'd been married a few years when her name started to slip away from her.
Something was bound to slip to the side amid the chaos of the domestic arena.
Still, he does not let bad arguments slip by uncontested.
Tells about the origins of his program and his concern over the number of brilliant students who still slip through his grasp.
If new regulations were eating into business, we'd see a slip in corporate profits.
It is easier for them to slip away from their day jobs, and also to get situated.
No focus group-tested positions that slip through your fingers when you try to parse them.
If he sings about regret, he will not slip in a shiver of delight.
Almost casually he lets slip that he himself has only eight months to live.
As the tape rolls, seven cats slip in and out of the room.
That's walking dangerously-better slip on your flip-flops to avoid the cops.
Evidence from earlier studies suggests that some strokes slip by unnoticed during moments when sensors are overloaded.
If the researchers can develop such a precise inhibitor, they could slip it into a variety of products.
He used the femoral-to-aorta-to-coronary conduit to slip a tiny balloon into a patient's partially blocked coronary artery.
If they slip and they have a dessert, they know they're going to have to up their insulin ever so much.
But as they speed up, they slip into their signature bounce.
In principle, it's easy: all you need to do is slip a hollow plastic tube down the throat and into the windpipe, or trachea.
They now know that the protein can slip through the cells' outer membrane.
It won't help you design an airplane that can slip through the air more smoothly.
But if you could slip a bit of string through another dimension, you could go around the obstacle and solve it.
When users return to their desk, they slip the notebook into a docking station to get the power of a full desktop system.
The researchers slip a band filled with gel around a pig's heart artery.
Jerry's hypocritical slip-up doesn't really do anything to his position.
Conventional model trains can't climb steep slopes because their wheels slip.
Still not fully awake, you stumble into the bathroom and slip out of your cotton pajamas.
Don't be discouraged if you slip up and smoke one or two cigarettes.
Slip-resistant traction devices for snow and ice that fit over the soles.
So maybe it's easier for me to slip into the various characters.
For travel, unfold it and slip the flat sheet into your laptop sleeve.

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