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Focus your search on a slightly longer commute to campus and see what you find.
As those restraints have lifted, activity has improved slightly.
Two-toed sloths are slightly larger than their three-toed relatives.
Perhaps the actual path length traversed is somehow slightly shorter than expected.
Each allele codes for a bitter taste receptor protein with a slightly different shape.
Place a second bunch on the base, overlapping the first slightly to cover the pins.
But things are now changing, slightly but noticeably.
Retail sales in the euro area are slightly better than expected too.
The sun's energy output varies slightly as sunspots wax and wane on the star's surface.
Body temperature also varies slightly depending on where on the human body it is measured.
It has a slightly damaged wing, but it seems to be boldly patrolling the canoe and shooing away the curious.
Also reduce sugar slightly so the whipped mixture firms up at a lower temperature.
Also, the click wheel will be slightly reduced in size and scooted downward on the device, the tipster said.
Slightly more than a third of respondents to the survey held a bachelor's degree or higher.
Politicians are slightly less unpopular than of late.
There were many of the same pictures drawn in slightly different ways.
Cylindrical, slightly curved, striking more add to my plant list.
If you can't break a record outright, try qualifying it slightly.
Over all, the university's yield held steady, though its yield for out-of-state students dipped slightly.
Slightly over half of respondents across the region still favour the market economy.
Others say it's slightly sweet and peppery, musky, or has a flowery scent.
It's not only lighter, thanks to the lack of a battery pack, it's also slimmer and slightly more angular.
Even though the proportion of students who declare themselves teetotalers is slightly larger, the effects.
The new version would be slightly smaller, and it would apply to move-up buyers in addition to new home buyers.
Stout, usually branched, smooth or slightly rough to the touch.
Many physicists are intent on finding out whether the electron is actually slightly squashed, as some theories predict.
During each paddle stroke, the pressure of the water against the concrete hull compresses it slightly.
The rippling water is sharp while the kayaking instructor is slightly blurred.
Economists' predictions are less rosy than at the start of the year, but only slightly.
Moisten the compost with water as necessary to ensure that the mixture is slightly damp.
Among these animals, their abilities to avoid cancer vary slightly.
The chemical detection part is only slightly less wild than the rest of the proposal.
Although the groups used slightly different approaches, they met with similar success rates.
The same would be true, albeit to a slightly lesser extent, of running on all fours.
Slightly adjusting your recipe, baking time, and temperature will give you the cookie you're looking for.
Unemployment is slightly below the national average, and growth slightly higher.
Moving slightly inland, one also experiences poverty and pollution.
Each color interacts with water molecules slightly differently.
Slightly saline, the lake is punctuated by spectacular tufa formations.
Bright to dark green leaves are slightly pale more add to my plant list.
Good pans have a slightly concave bottom that flattens out when heated.
Every brew needs a slightly different pressure to be served well.
L ow-growing, bushy to spreading plants with thick, broad leaves that are slightly sticky to the touch.
There had to be spots that were slightly warmer or colder.
And he was not only a commoner, he was a commoner in a slightly disreputable profession.
Basil has a bright, complex, and slightly anise flavor that enhances a wide array of summer fruits and vegetables.
Bill slightly downcurved, thicker at base with basal third of lower mandible blue-gray.
It has a slightly bitter natural coating that needs to be rinsed off.
Cooked, the grains are moist and slightly stickier than long-grain rice.
Add the cream, lime juice, and butter and boil until slightly thickened.
Many erect or slightly leaning stems carry many whorls of more add to my plant list.
Being unusually delicate, it's often also slightly bruised.
Song: usually a series of chortles, gurgles, and slightly harsher croaking phrases.
Yes, you'll go bananas for these huge, deep yellow semidouble blooms with a slightly spicy scent.
Unchilled tulip blooms may be smaller, and bloom on slightly shorter stems.
The rhubarb gives the cherries a slightly savory depth.
Tight clusters of medium-size red fruit have deliciously sweet, slightly spicy flavor.
Each variety has a slightly different flavor, so you have an excuse to grow several.
But you'll have to give the plants slightly better treatment to keep them going.
It prefers slightly less water and a little more shade than traditional impatiens.
My predicament is slightly unique because of my status.
Females are slightly smaller, but are otherwise indistinguishable from males.
Each type of statistic sheds a slightly different light on a country's population.
Bleaching occurs when sea temperatures warm, even slightly.
Males are slightly larger than females and have a longer tail.
Sleek horizontal siding panels and a slightly angled roof give this shed a strong visual presence.
The auction's lots range from the quirky to the awe inspiring to the slightly macabre.
As the chart shows, the ratio has since rebounded slightly but shorting is still unpopular.
The third needed a little help, as he was slightly too short to push off the bottom of the moat with his feet.
These evolutions will now be the basis of promotion, and will be of slightly higher importance than publications.
He would probably be slightly bemused by the influence he has come to wield in the corporate world.
The gene produces a slightly mutant version of hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen in red blood cells.
The shots are combined in software to produce the final image, which can often look slightly unreal.
The earthworms excrete a slightly different version of the metals, making them easier for plants to suck up.
They're all slightly tweaked to avoid copyright infringements, but will be instantly familiar to people of a certain age.
As accidents go, this one ended well, with the pilots making a safe if slightly fast landing.
But it's also possible that other, slightly larger moons could be broken into chunks by bombardments, he added.
As a normal, deskbound mouse it fares less well, giving a slightly jerky response to normal movements.
The racquet heads are the size of a small skillet, slightly teardrop-shaped and strung tightly.
It thinks slightly more could be spent in this year's mid-term contest.
If you forgot to make arrangements from home, you can still buy insurance at the border, usually at slightly higher rates.
Meanwhile, a mask wafted a slightly unpleasant odor into the volunteers' nostrils.
With their slightly webbed paws and powerful muscles, polar bears are excellent swimmers.
The arm ached for hours, and then the pain disappeared suddenly, leaving her right arm slightly paralyzed.
Place the picks through the base of each pad, then overlap the pad bases slightly as you go.
Silver plummeted to a seven-month low, before rallying slightly.
The fruit is covered with a dusty bloom that slightly dulls color.
Use a sponge brush and cover an area slightly larger than a book page.
Her eyes were still milky gray, and she wobbled slightly.
Don't dare leave without trying one of these frosty, sweet, and slightly earthy gifts from the desert.
Not only do clans use different codas, the authors argued, but the codas differ slightly among individuals.
Slightly larger zooplankton take advantage of this great conveyor of food.
In jelly fish, nature performs this process of glowing slightly different.
In hardened specimens the outer zone stains deeply with various dyes, whereas the inner zone stains slightly.
The transverse axis about which movement takes place is slightly oblique.
The fundus undergoes little alteration in position, being only slightly lowered.
He approached his harpsichord with the air of a mortician, slightly flexing his long, delicate hands.
But investors increasingly worry that such places cannot, in fact, afford to service their debts-each in a slightly different way.
But that conclusion is slightly tempered by another of the fund's findings.
The only possible effect they can have on human tissue is to raise its temperature slightly.
Now comes news that she will soon be playing a slightly delicate diplomatic role.
Get the angle even slightly wrong, and you are blown away.
The study found that the smallest endowments performed slightly better than the largest ones.
The higher business salary, she says, did slightly influence her decision to teach at a business school.
My response to flickered lights is to touch the brake ever so slightly.
The idea for the sub, though, came from a slightly more prosaic source.
For reasons still mysterious, the immortal jellyfish takes on slightly different forms as it spreads.
When shooting indoor pictures of people, some of their faces have a slightly reddish tinge.
Filter the flavored oil into a clean frying pan and sauté the onion and garlic on low heat until slightly colored.
Also noticeable are faint, white, slightly fuzzy fungal growths on the ant's joints.
Males are slightly smaller than females and are solid dark brown.
It might be one slightly different tree trunk, a path winding through, or a splash of color on a flowering vine.
The role of the king in his own burial may be slightly clearer.
Gauging airline safety is trickier than it sounds because the criteria differs slightly depending on the report.
Time for a slightly bittersweet piece of airplane art.
Because they're set slightly apart from one another, each eye receives a different image, known as parallax.
Homebuilders are slightly more hopeful because more people are saying they might be open to buying this year.
First, to create even a slightly diversified portfolio you'd need accounts with dozens of companies.
Fathers don't go through the same intense changes, but research shows their hormones shift slightly as well.
Its job is to see if those stars dim ever so slightly-because of the presence of an orbiting planet.
The wire could be a sensor because when it's extended even slightly, it could switch from a conductor to an insulator.
On average, the color of the scattered photon is slightly shifted to the blue relative to the laser light.
Other companies are trying the same concept, albeit with slightly different technology.
But the sea slug goes about it slightly differently.
Apple stock has dropped slightly in the wake of the announcement.
To figure out how far away our dinner plate is our brain melds the slightly different images coming from our two eyes.
In this way past memories can become slightly altered to represent new memories.
For example, one twin may be slightly taller or have a deeper voice.
On the other hand, the case of thunderstorms and lightning is slightly different.
Every human develops a sense of humor, and everyone's taste is slightly different.
It is called the total solar irradiance and it has not moved upwards in decades and has in fact declined slightly.
Rising average global temperature can occur if equatorial regions cool slightly while northern regions warm slightly.
The trick is to distract yourself by studying stuff that's slightly different from whatever you're trying to learn.
The left eyebrow appeared slightly higher than it had been prior to the treatment.
Kits are available which lower prices, but only slightly lower.
Sub-two-hour battery life and slightly dim screen are letdowns on an otherwise near-perfect device.
Our eyes are about three inches apart, which means each eye sees a slightly different perspective of the same scene.
If he knows the players, he tries to make sure the sides are fair, or maybe slightly in favor of the other team.
His lean physique, close-cropped hair, and stick-out ears can give the impression of a slightly pushy undergraduate.
He acknowledged that turnout was low and said his campaign had anticipated a slightly larger number of votes.
So that's the jaundiced, slightly frostbitten view of the proceedings.
It will be incorporated with the larger bill as a slightly revised amendment.
In them the traditional patriot is the more clearly typified because he is slightly caricatured.
We will cure a cancer with a radiation treatment that is ever-so-slightly better than the previous year's radiation treatment.
It will either decline slightly again this year for a sixth-in-a-row or remain virtually flat.
Drug reps are still easy to spot in a clinic or hospital, but for slightly different reasons.
He also fidgets, bobs slightly up and down in his executive desk chair, and weaves.
Though slightly unconventional, white wine works incredibly well with steak.
Run rolling pin over top edge to cut off excess dough, then press side to make dough come up slightly above edge of pan.
It's light and fluffy with a slightly nutty flavor, and a delightfully chewy pop.
But he was intelligent and literate, albeit in a slightly quirky way.
It probably should have started raising rates slightly earlier.
Moviegoers tended to watch the often dubious results with one eye closed and a slightly queasy feeling in their stomachs.
No one wants to do an intermission there, so they may slightly raise the lights and sell drinks and things in the aisles.
Coverage is slightly more this season but still natural-looking, not obvious.
But the conversation still took on a slightly pained tone.
Her gun hand came down, her torso twisted slightly in the seat, and she slumped toward the driver's door.
It was a slightly overcast morning, but the flight started out smoothly enough.
The metal-silicon films curl up slightly, which makes them somewhat difficult to handle on a conventional production line.
When hydrogen nuclei within the sample interact with a nearby magnet, the cantilever vibrates slightly.
When a target molecule sticks to a ring, it slightly changes the frequency of the light.
The new cards are no bigger than the one in your wallet, and is actually slightly more flexible.
The light reflecting off the oil is slightly out of phase with the light reflecting from the water.
By changing the structure slightly, you can change the color of light that the crystal reflects.
For starters, a thermocouple in the engine compartment has recorded the slightly depressed temperature.
The robots also evolved to become either highly attracted to, slightly attracted to, or repelled by the light.
The hydrogen is produced in a small heated reactor slightly faster than needed by the car.
These devices need a slightly different specification from domestic ones, adapted to cope with a harsh outdoor environment.
That's slightly higher than last year's increase, and much higher than the increases in previous years.
Diabetics have a slightly sweeter skin, which changes the microbial fauna and makes it harder for them to cauterize wounds.
But such foamy behavior is emulated by human brain at slightly higher supramolecular level, then common quantum mechanics allows.
The line of his jaw is symmetrical and his lips are full, the lower lip slightly thicker than the upper.
The harmonies are slightly befuddled and the playing is enjoyable but not entirely compelling.
He speaks in a slightly stiff, respectful manner that suggests that he's used to conversing with adults.
In medical school, he devised an experiment about how the brain harmonizes the slightly different images seen by each eye.
He emerges from beneath the couch and approaches the slightly open kitchen door.
In many categories, spending has dropped only slightly, if at all.
As he was carried two hundred yards or so to a wooden scaffold, he raised his head slightly, but he said nothing.
Details are slightly blurry, testifying to the snapshot's loss of definition when blown up to such a size.
Three specimens have been found, with the longest being slightly more than twenty inches in length when crawling.
The ash would have darkened the atmosphere, letting slightly less sunlight down.
We have learned that our planet is in fact round and revolves around the sun, and that humans are slightly modified chimpanzees.
Each sheet is composed of patches of atoms, and each patch has a slightly different rotation than that of its neighbors.
US consumers picked up spending slightly last month, but they are still tentative and their debt levels remain high.
Quail bagged per hour also increased slightly and rabbits jumped per hour increased significantly from last year.
In fact, its slightly sour flavor would provide a welcome counterpoint to meaty fare.
Sow large seeds in slightly indented rows and cover lightly with a thin layer of the mix.
Remove garlic when it's browned and slightly softened.
Simmer until liquid has thickened slightly, four to five minutes.
The fresh bread that accompanied the meal was also served with a slightly spicy aioli, which was absolutely delicious.
With a second wild card playoff berth on its way, there may be slightly more forgiveness in the future.
When you dig slightly below the surface, it's clear these trips are not so different from what people usually do on vacation.

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