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Do not despise an insignificant enemy nor a slight wound.
Small and slight for their age, both were outsiders.
He has a slight build, skinny arms and legs, and a head almost too big for his body.
In this system, any slight kick would have ejected a small blob of molten rock into orbit.
Even a slight delay can leave departments at a disadvantage.
Some showed slight damage near the feet, probably the result of ancient robbers rummaging for riches, experts said.
The ability to learn new motor skills is affected by a slight genetic variation.
Buttermilk's slight acidity helps activate baking soda and make bread rise.
In fact, this model retains the slight plastic lip on the lower-back part of the handset.
Different human populations today have, on average, slight differences in cranial features.
There's slight movement now and then but it's pretty much in the same place.
We are in shock, yet their is slight justification to the ranchers need for revenge.
Useful as a shade tree for patio or terrace, though litter from flowers can be a slight nuisance.
If you're outside the car, you hear a slight hum from the drivetrain.
For the moment, global consumption of oil continues to fall, despite the slight brightening of the economic outlook.
Once you are in, the walk is a comfortable one, as the greenhouses-nearly a kilometer long-are on a slight downward slope.
As the stack gets higher and higher, it would be more likely to fall over from a slight nudge.
The commission's political influence has always been slight.
These moths stand their ground with hind wings flared and forewings held above the body at a slight angle.
Voila, two images of the same subject with slight separation.
They may avoid slight risks, and yet take wild gambles.
Simultaneously, the owl's ears also pick up slight differences in the intensity of the sound.
And maybe this slight of deviancy is not rewarded in grants.
Slight correction to be made in your first paragraph.
As the meringue cools, the air in the bubbles contracts and causes slight shrinkage.
The differences are so slight that the researchers suspect them to be functionally irrelevant.
BP argues its slight cut in investment does not really represent a reduction, thanks to deflation.
Slight ribbing along cuffs and collar adds secure, sporty fit.
You'll notice a slight spotting in the cooled product.
As the tech industry struggles to recover from recession, area recruiters are seeing a slight upturn in job openings.
And yet the perceived slight might have pleased him.
Inside, you only notice this as a slight lowering of contrast when watching movies.
From afar, those consequences seemed relatively slight.
Water molecules stick together, because they carry a slight charge on each end.
Lying on your stomach at a slight downward angle for months on end used to stand in for the effects of nearly no gravity.
For them, living in sin is not so much a slight to married life as an important step in that direction.
Key movements to note are staggered walking, arms extended, slight groans.
In a search where all interviews take a long time, there is a bit more than slight advantage to being last.
If you are stuck and unable to proceed, ask for a slight push in the right direction.
If there is a slight change of any of these, you will have to get a new work authorization.
The task is to turn this disaster to some good, however slight.
For example slight differences phrasing can locate the origin of people within the same national culture.
Some of these problems are also given as exam with slight modification so students tend to pay attention to them.
The solid spruce top helps the guitar achieve a depth of tone that belies its slight dimensions.
Press an item on the screen and you'll feel a slight vibration.
However, researchers estimate the chance of this scenario is slight.
But regard that as a slight outside chance, not as a primary career goal.
There has been a slight uptick in natural disasters recently but well within statistical probability.
If you're a home beer brewer, you've probably experienced a slight twang of guilt in the early stages of the brewing process.
When he awoke the next day, he felt better, despite a slight headache.
There are four types of stars and each has a slight twist in how the name is hidden in the grid.
Any slight change in wind speed or air pressure can result in a failure to launch.
But the wound was so slight that the roebuck, next morning, did not feel it any more.
There has been a slight slowing in the pace of house-price declines.
Please accept slight variations because of the natural materials.
For instance, a retailer may see a slight increase in demand for nappies, so he orders more from a wholesaler.
Red-tails glide with wings level, occasionally soar in a slight dihedral.
Certain slugs have a slight twist on the thread theme.
That's the implication of a new study that says athletes who wear red have a slight advantage.
The resulting heat emanating from the object's surface gives it slight nudges.
Water molecules are polar and one end has a slight negative charge, the other a slight positive charge.
Because amino acids have a slight electrical charge, they are pulled through the tube.
The thunderous sound of breaking chunks of ice is on a slight delay from the sight of them crumbling.
The improvement in giving was slight, but leaders and fund raisers took heart that it didn't decline.
And to the extent that you consider slight preferences to be useful and valid, you can categorize yourself.
So sensitive is the test derived from the proteins that it can detect amounts as slight as one part per trillion.
Each is designed with a slight outward lean, presumably to protect the main mausoleum in case one of them should collapse.
Noticeable, albeit slight, leakage after a few seconds in a bathtub.
But it argues that the slight uptick in attacks isn't the whole picture.
The chief movements permitted in the mid-carpal joint are flexion and extension and a slight amount of rotation.
If the interruption to the flow of the sentence is but slight, the writer may safely omit the commas.
Here he remained, living a prosperous and easy life, which was only once threatened by a slight incident.
The motion at last became infinitely slight, but cannot be proved to have stopped.
They brood until one day some perceived slight drives them to an act of madness.
His speed and slight frame would suggest an ability to return kicks, however he played only as a receiver throughout his career.
Additional items including lotion and facial spritz were available in the lavs, so this category gets a slight nudge up.
Wrinkle formation as a result of intrinsic aging is inevitable, but it will always be slight.
The risk of rising inflation-the standard penalty for lax monetary policy-is slight given ample spare capacity in rich economies.
It is possible to tell this from slight variations in the intensity of the microwave background.
But for all the career carnage on show elsewhere, the tangible political damage wrought by the scandal has been slight so far.
So far the direct economic impact of radiation fears on exports is slight.
He wreaked havoc with his family and his two wives and no day went by without some outburst or perceived slight.
Although the physical damage was slight, the effect on the university was seismic.
There was a bending of the rod, followed by a slight tug, characteristics shared with the snaring of any other sea creature.
On average, he's seen a slight drop in viewership since the announcement.
There's a slight difference though: the government is going to subsidize individuals in the private market.
The other two groups showed either a slight decrease or no change.
In one sense, therefore, the conflict between science and religion is a slight matter which has been unduly emphasized.
Most of the injuries inflicted were slight and did not result in permanent disablement.
There's always a slight chance that this time, it'll work.
She would have a stocking also, though her interest in it was slight.
Perhaps big entertainment companies will see a slight boost in profits.
The subject of the controversy was a shy, kindly fellow with a slight harelip.
The changes required to provide adequately for the intellectually gifted are relatively slight.
Apart from a slight loss of hearing, he is in robust health, and when he rises to greet guests he towers above them.
He has slender shoulders, slight arms, and narrow hips.
Yes, perhaps novellas keep seeming slight even when they pile up to an imposing height.
There was a slight smell of burning in the bright, noisy operating room.
Writer talks to several people, lists them with a slight description.
Whether we're talking about business or politics, the number of females who have risen to powerful positions is slight.
But she's being a little disingenuous-she's as slight as a wren.
It may seem slight, but there is a significant difference between one and two seasons of college basketball.
Slight differences in pH between diseased and healthy tissue may allow for precise targeting of the drug.
The pair have developed devices less than five centimeters long that transform slight vibrations into usable electricity.
Also, slight change in temperature when snow melt will add to condensation.
Individual times are grouped to take slight variations into account.
Even a slight increase in the rate of drug discovery would dramatically change the formula for success in the business, however.
She'd had a slight fever about a week ago, but none since.
He and others went on to show that a slight pulse of electricity moving through the metal to the nerve was responsible.
The effect is slight, so it's not clear whether existing telescopes will be able to pick it up.
Most of the efficiency gains come from a combination of lighter, more aerodynamic shapes and slight reductions in flying speed.
Lossy compression methods always seem to leave more visible artifacts where color changes are slight.
There are gigantic collections and then there are slight mists.
But a slight tan is enough to protect mothers against that problem.
Yet none of his lab work was abnormal-except for that slight increase in the size of his red blood cells.
The ones in better shape would wander off slight distances and then keel over farther away.
People who take it develop a slight shaking of the hands and fingers.
Hydrogen peroxide is so unstable that a slight coax from a silver catalyst breaks it down catastrophically into oxygen and steam.
Even so, the benefits to health at large outweigh the slight risks that may occur with vaccines.
Meanwhile, any slight rotation in the original cloud is enormously amplified as it contracts.
The procedure didn't appear to damage the animals' internal organs, and left only a slight burn on the skin.
By far the strongest argument against the story, however, is the slight and late evidence on which it rests.
It was on a slight rise in the ground and it was surrounded by trees.
No strand is too slight, or proves too colorless, to leave out of the grand tapestry.
Restoring the health of the credit system, while some slight progress has been made, is not being managed well.
As good, that is, as possible considering that his relations with the movement seem to have been slight.
In addition, the economy shows slight signs of improving.
As is often the case in life, his slight physical disability-a stammer-adds something to his dangerous charm.
Yet it is only a slight thing that prevents many of them from being folk-tales, or even old wives' tales, narrated by a virtuoso.
Even the huge apparel industry was split into so many competing units that its influence over the rest of the city was slight.
Any movement, however slight, required forethought and planning.
They got slight secondhand support from two cousins, but to me neither was convincing.
Slight problem: he might be able to mimic rapping, but he could not write rhymes.
Her voice was deep and friendly, with a slight sound of widowhood in it.
Sometimes as two people typed out a conversation, with the slight delay that entailed, dialogue overlapped.
He had a slight blockage that was treated with medication.
Symptoms of the condition include redness, slight swelling, bleeding during brushing and alteration of the gum contour.
It does nothing to improve their slight skills at crafting legislation.
There's a slight bevel to the lid, making it easier to open.
The falsely outraged host will reportedly address this slight on his eponymous pretend cable news program later this evening.
Some users, who still enjoy sensitive and intact hearing, might detect a slight background hiss.

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