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Imagine sliding down the family's elegant curved staircase.
Some writers have a tin ear when it comes to sliding a quotation nicely into a sentence.
Perhaps the best part is that the faculty who teach online are paid on a sliding scale governed by student enrollment.
Typically forensic scientists measure remains with sliding rulers called calipers.
Some earthquakes are caused when two plates are sliding horizontally past each other.
As fast as you can, try sliding the index card away.
The energy released by the sliding fault needs to be enough to overcome the friction holding rocks in place.
The energy released by the sliding fault needs to be substantial enough to break the friction holding rocks in place.
The structures are silos, with the weights sliding up and down alternately.
Better-quality drafts and near-finished sequences fall on a sliding scale in between.
The structures will be silos, with the weights sliding up and down.
The weights can be made up of any material that is around but the sliding container of the material is made of steel.
The structures will be silos with the weights sliding up and down.
Oh yeah, play also promotes camaraderie, so the elephants are slip-sliding their way into life-long alliances.
And there is a sliding scale of things that could be different.
Sliding round the corner on gravel and there was a mare across the road.
In the event of a fall on a steep slope, you jab the blades into the snow to stop yourself from sliding.
He pretended that there were magical realms hidden behind the sliding shoji screens in his family's little house.
Tales of infidelity and its consequences figured largely in her conversation-though she judged on a sliding scale.
For them, the government will offer a sliding scale of subsidies.
The seat of one's pants can also be used for sliding down the plane's chute, or so we've been told.
If surging water flushed the air out of a cavity, the ship would grab at the water rather than sliding over it.
Luxury cars are looking fairly resilient so far, but sales of cheap cars and lorries are sliding.
It has been sliding downwards in the rankings as a spot for investors.
Pre-pay for access on a point of sale sliding scale.
Here is a quick video of some kids sliding at the end level part of the slide.
Lift operators grew tired of taking lifts down the mountain after a day's work, so they started sliding down slopes on shovels.
The phone's screen-sliding mechanism feels solid, but it is still easy enough to operate with one hand or one thumb.
Yahoo's fortunes have been waning in the last few years, and has seen its search share sliding.
The machine is all-metal, both for longevity and to stop it from sliding across the countertop.
On land, they waddle and toboggan across the ice-sliding on their bellies, and propelling themselves with their flippers.
Outside, snow was sliding off the solar panels that covered the roofs of the development.
How quickly these glaciers move depends on the quality of the mud on which the glaciers are sliding.
Elastic bound flex cuffs help seal in thermal warmth without sliding down your wrist on prolonged reaches.
Packing the right gear and downloading the latest updates can keep you from slip-sliding away.
The ship was already sliding into the depths, when a huge wave swept me into the sea.
And designs that include sliding cutting boards, graters, and multiple sprayers help you achieve maximum workstation efficiency.
Sliding is a magnificent sport, but it cannot be compared with skiing.
Sliding is a matter of nerve, strength, and natural balance.
Glaciers sliding into the sea powder it with small icebergs.
Wearing thick spectacles that keep sliding down his nose, he doesn't fit the image of a would-be rebel leader.
Now, consider someone sliding a towel over its surface.
The scientific error is the teardrop shape, which is correct for tears sliding off a cheek but not for falling raindrops.
She wandering amongst her internal landscape now, sliding herself against reminders of their presence.
Strange how you have a sliding scale of evidence when it comes to a subject that you clearly don't want to believe.
Sliding along, the above are what leaped into my thoughts on this burning question.
Sliding window walls on four sides and at a corner of the living area open the house to the landscape.
Archer sat silent, with the sense of clinging to the edge of a sliding precipice.
At best the term overcrowding is a relative one, and the scale of official measurement conveniently sliding.
The walls were lined with books, held in place by sliding wooden slats, padlocked at the ends.
But then you open the sliding door that connects to a tiny balcony.
Sliding toward you in the foreground is a wonderfully shabby-or, as a decorator might say, distressed-red leather sofa.
Winter is here, and that means slipping and sliding will be commonplace if you live in a cold weather climate.
Padding prevents sliding and enables your rug to lie flat.
But if the economy keeps sliding, the no-frills variety may be enough.

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