slider in a sentence

Example sentences for slider

My guess is that the president is a slider-that is, someone who slides through life.
Ball movement is tracked a bit more accurately, so it's easier to spot the difference between a fastball and slider.
And unlike other, flimsier slider phones, the plastic hardware isn't chintzy.
Pinch-to-zoom and tap-to-zoom both work great, and there is a popover slider to adjust brightness.
What first appears to be a volume slider is in fact a brightness control.
The volume slider also is curved, to the right of the circular video control.
Aside from the light pen there was the tracking ball and a slider on a pivot.
There is a strength slider and a selection to optimize for speech or music.
He threw a fastball that sank, a slider and a screwball out of a variety of pitching motions.
His control of his fastball was better and his changeup and slider were improved, too.
Living room has slider to private patio and recessed lighting.
The light blue bands on either end are blank areas of the slider.
Use slider on top right to show inundation scenarios.
Moving the slider to the left will increase the threshold and will tend to render every data object at full resolution.
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