slid in a sentence

Example sentences for slid

With the turn of a crank, slowly a big iron door slid back, allowing the chimps access to their impromptu photo studio.
Nostrils slid back up the snout toward the crown of the head, becoming blowholes.
Even when she slid into dementia, he still took her for a walk.
Often the bottom edges of the cover are worn a lot from the book being slid on and off a bookshelf a lot.
If a marine slipped and slid down the back slope of the muddy ridge, he was apt to reach the bottom vomiting.
The names have slid around into one another or have divided.

Famous quotes containing the word slid

Tired, she looked up the path her lover would take as far as her eyes could see. On the roads, traffic ceased at the end... more
the processes That first mentioned your name at some crowded cocktail Party long ago, and someone (not the person addres... more
She went in there to muse on being rid Of relative beneath the coffin lid. No one was by. She stuck her tongue out; more
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