slicker in a sentence

Example sentences for slicker

The work boots rested below a dark slicker, its arms and belt dusted with sediment.
And what pertains to forest primates pertains as well to their city-slicker cousins--us.
He should invest in a slicker web site, it lacks focus.
Look for slicker bodywork and graphics, stouter wheels and improved suspension.
Carry an umbrella and rain slicker for every member of your party, and pack sunscreen and a floppy hat to keep off the rays.
Bring a poncho or rain slicker, or be prepared to purchase a poncho at the falls.
Counterfeits usually feel slicker, smoother or thicker than currency.
The course features a bevy of deep pot bunkers and slicker putting surfaces.
Rain is possible at any time, so adding a hoodie, an umbrella or a rain slicker to your suitcase would be a good idea.
The seams are slightly more pronounced on the major league ball, the grip a little slicker.
But as rock matured into a slicker business, journalistic access to even small acts became highly controlled.
We also recommend wearing water-proof outer clothing such as a slicker or rain gear and have gloves that can get wet.
They can be as effective as slicker, professionally done spots.
He is dressed in a rain slicker, which billows out behind him.
Coated papers have a slicker feel and can be glossy or matte.
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