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Everything looks great when it's slick, polished and sitting on the lot.
Hip-hop album covers today have become pretty slick.
The video features slick animation, an ominous soundtrack, and interviews with indebted students and critical professors.
The distressed look has usurped the slick new look-out of choice, not necessity.
Because the oil film gradually thins from its center to its periphery, different bands of the oil slick produce different colors.
The bees eat it, crawl over it, and get thoroughly coated in this slick stuff so that the mites have no toehold.
Rain makes the roads slick and encourages irrational behaviour from pedestrians.
They were so slick that our horses slipped right off them.
Oil creates a slick that rides on the water's surface.
Sure, it's slick and based on a controversial best seller.
Art fairs are to the art world what boat shows are to boat fans-a fast, slick way to show off the goods.
Since then the slick has grown inexorably, despite attempts to contain and disperse it.
Lots of useful pockets and water proof material is slick.
For instance, the wet, slick rock of the building could reflect the light in a more interesting way than a dry surface would.
Now stories are polluted and demeaned by having been reduced to fodder for television, movie, and slick magazine entertainment.
The school has sunk considerable sums into the project, producing slick online lectures and investing in technology.
Often there are uneven spots in the surface of different brands that are too slick to accept oil paint.
The durable rubber outsole provides traction, even when the ground gets slick.
The few cars and buses on the road slipped around on the slick pavement.
In a slick of molten gold, dawn breaks and the trees awaken.
Yet the long-term benefit of hosting a slick and beautiful games may become apparent in the long run.
Early reports, however, blame the accident on heavy rain and a slick runway.
The upside is that there seems to be a lot of slick tech stuff that goes for far, far, below the retail.
In other words, bring rain gear and know your comfort level with slick pavement.
Besides, all that ice left the city looking slick and shiny.
Inside, the cool stone floors were slick from the friction of centuries of barefoot worshipers.
Another triumph is the slick product-development process that can roll out new models in barely two years.
It spoils the enjoyment of a campus tour if your visitor is hobbling around in slick-soled shoes.
It is a collection of guitar-driven hits with a slick, commercial sheen.
The pavement was slick and wet-water cannons had been used against the crowd.
The modern campaign poster is a slick thing, with message-tested taglines and occasionally trendsetting design.
Navigating your living room box these ways is slick, if limited.
Back when mortgage-backed securities were invented a couple of decades ago, they were a pretty slick idea.
She dreamt of this gardener with his slick blue eyes.
The rollers do not compress the dough and make its surface slick, as many purists argue.
There may be some slick applications riding those frequencies too.
Even in a sealed room, a well placed fiber optic cable in the ceiling would make for a pretty slick and nearly undetectable bug.
For some reason the prognosticators feel that they must predict a slick and cool future in order for people to listen.
Every year, visitors swarm the tech show to see slick gadgets.
Instead she moved quickly down the edge of the stream and crossed again, feeling her way over the slick cobbles underfoot.
Walking upstream is tough-every rock is slick with algae.
One of the first things they noticed was that it was extremely slick.
Repeating that mantra is a slick way to create the illusion that the data actually are balanced.
But their complaints were themselves so slick that they immediately became fashionable.
No slick floors or hurried uniform changes to thwart him.
But when the ice in the mud freezes, the mud is less slick and a glacier moves more slowly.
Swarms of flies rose from pungent clots of slick, stagnant water.
Free programs produce slick summer vacation slide shows.
Well known within the automotive industry, this slick tool offers quality scores on an easy-to-understand ratings scale.
The idea is to see if the slick can be broken up before it even reaches the surface.
Other pot entrepreneurs, meanwhile, are making millions and have a group of slick lobbyists.
Alas, even slick marketing cannot stave off lousy headlines.
Oil companies, too, have a crisis on their hands every time a tanker leaves a slick on a beautiful beach.
The mood in its offices is cheery, slick, businesslike.
All we're given, in terms of candidates with any serious party backing, are slick politicians and buffoons.
And early on workers used hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemical dispersants to help break up the slick.
With complete calm, the patient navigated the slick roads, utilizing the appropriate methods for dealing with icy conditions.
Yet the result is a refreshingly original, offbeat alternative to today's slick animated superproductions.
Carter slid a letter across his swooping desk, slick as a skating pond.
He is deceptively wise because it doesn't come in a slick package.
One pint of oil can produce an oil slick nearly one acre in size.
The two ships then towed the boom away from the slick and the oil was ignited.
The result is a movie that is much better than a slick adaptation of a best-selling novel has any right to be.
The tarmac is covered with a light layer of slick snow.

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