slicer in a sentence

Example sentences for slicer

The slicer therefore wants to make the division equal, knowing he'll get stuck with the littler piece if he botches the job.
Peel kohlrabi bulbs with a small sharp knife, then cut into matchsticks with slicer.
Cut carrots into thin matchsticks, preferably using slicer.
Cut zucchini diagonally into paper-thin slices with slicer.
The slicer itself does not qualify for the production exemption.
When purchasing a slicer, be sure that it is designed to be durable enough to meet the characteristics described above.
Slicer received a suspended sentence with three years' supervised probation.
The ham also could have been contaminated by contact with the slicer because the slicer had not been cleaned adequately.
The product to be diced is fed into a high-speed centrifugal slicer.
Duties include running slicer and fryer, preparing and packaging food, customer service and cleaning.
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