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Example sentences for slew

Politics could play an important role in the success of the proposed slew of exchange deals.
Made up of long hydrocarbon chains, it can be broken down into a slew of useful substances and products.
The essay became a touchstone in the heyday of literary theory, reprinted in a slew of anthologies and cited copiously.
He pledged to restrain government spending, yet proposed a slew of new government programmes.
But there are a slew of lesser-known fathers in the animal kingdom with intensive parenting skills of their own.
There have been a whole slew of articles about the merits of eating bugs lately.
There's been a slew of fascinating weapons granted patents this week.
And in the past few days, a new slew of spending initiatives has been unveiled.
Continue past a slew of independent art galleries and witness the slow gentrification of a once ramshackle neighborhood.
Specimens flicker by in an entrancing crescendo until the video becomes a frenzied slew of images.
And then there are the slew of devil-in-the-details questions that arise from the content convergence.
Last week, game publishers unleashed a slew of promo clips meant to surprise, invigorate and tantalize us.
The giveaway is an attempt to address a slew of issues in a single stroke.
The result a slew of lawsuits from students who have been removed because of these new polices.
Yet the past month has brought a slew of stories of government departments stomping all over that bright line.
High prices have also been eased by the slew of fuel-efficient cars that have come onto the market.
Suddenly a whole slew of problems familiar to the network security world appear.
There's a slew of daily deals on individual games and packs as well as complete publisher packs at a pretty steep discount.
Showtime joins a slew of networks beginning to realize a viable way to viewers' hearts is through their computer screens.
There's a whole slew of reasons younger people don't vote.
There has, however, also been a slew of departures further down the ranks.
This, he hopes, will give rise to a slew of programs that the authorities and others could consult.
When he learned that he would be forced to take a slew of prerequisites, though, he switched to history.
They are apparently hiring in a slew of disciplines and all at open rank.
And the same approach could be used to evaluate a slew of other stem cell-based therapies.
The absence of the gut bacteria also triggered a slew of changes in the rodents' brains.
Similar cases can be mounted for a slew of other comedies.
They then prematurely announced a slew of tour dates, including on the mainland, presumably to drum up publicity.
He had even won a slew of medals for his well demonstrated bravery and dedication.
Thanks to a slew of efficiency-enhancing reforms, productivity soared and investment boomed.
But then you got a slew of comments that told you you were evilly pedantic.
More importantly, a slew of new projects is in the offing.
And it's partly because every year the show includes a slew of tributes, honoring veteran musicians alive and dead.
Sure, a slew of statistics are reported, almost daily.
And sprinkle in a slew of mindless penalties and costly turnovers.
She was followed by cats, dogs, mice and a slew of other animals.
But a slew of academic experts in auction theory have yet to determine exactly how to make that work.

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