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Example sentences for slender

He has slender shoulders, slight arms, and narrow hips.
Each end of the bar carries a significant weight of intellectual subject matter, but the connection is slender.
There is a slender chance that the prosecution will try to get him back into court.
Both new species belong to a little-known group of known as thread snakes-also called worm snakes and slender blind snakes.
Plants of filmy appearance and delicate character, with slender branches and n more add to my plant list.
The long slender styles can be as seductive in their way as short skirts are in theirs.
Only a slender majority of business chiefs think the euro will survive in its present form.
It had large eyes, slender flexible fingers, and a light body.
The giraffe's slender legs point skyward, then swing sideways as it collapses in the desert dust.
Wide crown of stiff, gray-green, feather-shaped leaves atop a slender trunk.
She is beautiful: slender as a doll, with fine blond hair and gray eyes.
He describes it as resembling the slender skeleton of a huge battleship made of aluminium, containing a large number of balloons.
It would be more reddish-brown than red, though, and a bit larger but more slender than a cardinal.
The chances of anyone being found guilty look slender.
Skinny galaxies are slender disks that do not have big bulges of stars at their centers.
Even giant forms had a surprisingly gracile, slender neck.
Also, the filament in the bulb was closer to a rod than a slender piece of wire.
Personal attacks sharpen the choice between the two parties, when many differences are slender.
The park spans a slender transition zone between the northern boreal forest and the southern aspen parkland.
These animals were more slender than their modern cousins and adapted to a more terrestrial lifestyle.
Inevitably, some compromises have had to be made to fit all this technology into such a slender frame.
Blackbirds more slender bodied, with longer tails and less-pointy wings.
Big trading houses also use derivatives to manage risk in a business where margins are slender.
Then wrap more tightly with slender pieces that form tight loops.
Her bikini was matching the ocean below and a tattoo in an unknown language was adorning her slender back.
For the next hour, the crowd looks on as her slender hand carries giant gobs of food from bowl to mouth.
The slender creature has a kangaroo-shaped head, big upright ears, and a long ratlike tail.
Loosen cake from pan with a slender spatula, then invert onto a rack.
One long, slender beam bears a deep scar from where someone tried to cut through it.
Cut off thick stem where it meets slender stalks, and reserve.
We create a spider web anchored between a rock and a slender stem, between fixed tradition and uncertainty.
After stirring the bubbling liquid, he dips the tips of dozens of slender blowpipe darts into it.
But that still leaves four candidates whose hopes of winning the nomination are slender.
Inside, the phone features some seriously slender components.
All were elegantly slender, despite the rich food and drink they were putting away.
Their wives were elegantly slender, despite the food and drink they too were putting away.
His biggest problems lie at home, where his slender victory is yet to turn into real power.
They supported the financial bail-out and the stimulus package, but only by slender majorities.
It's flatter and more slender than those of other bears, all the better for thrusting into the dens and breathing holes of seals.
Most of these searches are not seeking the slender bodies of cover models.
As insects, fleas have inherited the standard insect eye, which consists of slender columns tightly packed together.
His injuries were so severe that his slender, athletic body had become swollen and unrecognizable.
The poles were still slender, but they'd acquired bulk, solidity.
As he crosses his legs, you observe that they are immeasurably long and slender.
Her taut, slender body was encased in skintight white jeans and a pastel silk halter top.
He's a tall and slender bluesman in a suit, no tie, a hat tipped back on his head.
But fashion changes too rapidly to make value of material always wise expenditure for one of slender purse.
The little green accordion is the slender thread that links the novel's eight sections.
To say more about the slender plot, however, would be a disservice.
Certainly, someone has arranged the film's time frame portentously enough to add extra heft to its slender story.
Numerous slender-stalked, solitary spikelets are borne on the spreading branch tips of an open, terminal inflorescence.

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