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In olden days it was compulsory to have bells on the horse when drawing a sleigh.
When the celebration ends at one house, the hosts join their guests for a sleigh ride to the next neighbor.
His plain wood coffin was carried the final distance up to a rolling meadow through deep snow on a horse- drawn sleigh.
But it seems as if he jumped on a sleigh after that draft and has been skidding downhill ever since.
Sleigh rides are offered twice a week, and there's a hoot-and-holler of a tubing run with big banked turns.
Other options, such as sleigh rides and dog sledding, are available.
Some of the situations get pretty crazy, but no matter how unbelievable, this critic was willing to go along with the sleigh ride.
But he could not sit at his ease and let those horses drag him in a sleigh over bare ground.
In the afternoon he swept up to the door in a prancing, tinkling sleigh.
Maybe you picture workhorses slogging through the snow, a sleigh laden with tree sap in tow.
The bride and bridegroom greeted reception guests from a bejeweled white velvet sleigh custom-made by the bride's father.
The facility offers wagon, carriage and sleigh rides.
Guided horseback rides and seasonal sleigh rides are available on-site.
Carriage and sleigh rides around the property are also available.
Less strenuous activities, such as sleigh rides and snow tubing, provide fun for the entire family.
Sleigh rides, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing are all easily accessible off-site.
Private rides, individual lessons, hay and sleigh rides are also available.
The resort offers many winter activities including dog sledding, tubing, sleigh rides and ice skating.
Take a sleigh ride in the winter, go horseback riding or dog sledding, or even take a scenic gondola ride during your stay.
Sleigh rides, ice climbing and dog sledding are within a five-minute drive.
In the winter, guests can enjoy a sleigh-ride dinner here.
Additional activities include horseback riding, seasonal hay rides or sleigh rides, and summer camps.
Snowmobile trails, sleigh rides, horseback riding and canoeing are available in the surrounding areas.
Other winter activities to do in the area include ice fishing, dog sledding, snowshoeing and sleigh rides.
In the winter, cross country and downhill ski, snowboard or sleigh ride.
Jingling sleigh bells add holiday cheer to the hay wagon rides.
Agritourism activities including carriage and sleigh rides, draft horses, harness shop.
He didn't wear a red suit, and he didn't ride a sleigh.

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giving a nod, up the chimney he rose. He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, And away they al... more
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