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He was that rarity, which you see a lot in fiction but rarely in real life-a sleeper agent.
If you waken a sleeper and he tells you his dream, he s reporting from memory.
The sleeper parched of his dreams, or purged of his nightmares, goes swiftly bonkers: without fantasy there is no reality.
He went from a sleeper pick for the nomination, to a wise-guy's best bet, to a flop.
Then they were planted in this country as sleeper agents.
At the ten-cent level the locker for the sleeper's clothes disappears.
She tried every other sleeper, but could not break the charmed sleep.
Columns converged on the capital from three sides, linking up with rebel sleeper cells inside the city.
Rebels still fear sabotage by sleeper cells loyal to the colonel.
His body, weighed down by a railway sleeper, was then thrown into the sea from a military helicopter.
You'll find everything from a flexible rubber ice tray to a sleek sleeper sofa, both available in a warm shade of terracotta.
The leisure king room, features a king-sized bed and sleeper sofa.
The hotel also offers a two room queen bed suite with a sitting room and queen sleeper sofa.
Studios have a king-sized bed, sleeper sofa, whirlpool tub and kitchenette.
If you want to reserve a sleeper car, do so well in advance of your travel dates, as these accommodations can sell out quickly.
These sleeper trains offer a variety of levels of comfort, from reclining seats to single-berth sleeper cabins with shower.
The standard suite will sleep only four: two in a queen-size bed and two on a sleeper sofa.
Long-distance trains that operate overnight routes usually have the option of booking a reclining seat or a sleeper berth.
Rarely is sleeping so enjoyable to watch as when the sleeper is a bear.
The covert alpha wave may help determine how deeply people sleep and how much noise is needed to rouse a sleeper.
But so your favorite small reading partner doesn't end up getting the same ones over and over, here are six sleeper beauties.
Pacific sleeper sharks are actually not sleepy at all.
Consequently, the movement of the superstructure is transferred to the ends of the approach slab that sits on a sleeper slab.
Some of these slabs have experienced excessive deformation of the foundation and fill soils under the slab and sleeper beam.
Each sleeper car has five deluxe bedrooms, each of which contains equipment for one upper bed and one lower bed.
In addition, the driver may spend time resting in the sleeper compartment.

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this one whom habit of memory propels to the ground of his making, sleeper only the mortal sounds can sing ... more
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