sledgehammer in a sentence

Example sentences for sledgehammer

It opted, probably in the last seventy-two hours, for the sledgehammer.
Six foot three, and could use a nine-pound sledgehammer with one hand.
At one point, officers with a sledgehammer and a crowbar disappeared into a back room.
However, as drafted it has a major flaw--it uses a sledgehammer when a scalpel is desired.
Seismic energy is created manually with a sledgehammer or automatically by a compressed air driven hammer.
Levels rails by driving wedges beneath track with maul or sledgehammer.
While in the attic, the firefighter is required to use a sledgehammer to vent the roof.
If a few problem areas exist, they should be addressed, but please put the sledgehammer back in the shed.
In the end, the fly gets away and all you're left with is the damage caused by the sledgehammer.
For this event, the candidate uses the sledgehammer to strike a measuring device in a target area until the buzzer activates.
Specialist uses a sledgehammer to move the tire onto the wheel.
We can break rock with a sledgehammer, and a detonation pressure is our explosive hammer.
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