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The for-profits didn't teach us any of these sleazy innovations.
Yet frequent crackdowns and the occasional toppling of sleazy officials appear to have little impact.
We were all giddy at the prospect of an evening's unchained fun, sleazy adventure divorced from consequences.
But venture capitalists have yet to invest in the firm, which needs to ensure its service is not used to sleazy ends.
Although a slightly sleazy business, it was hugely profitable.
The camera catches the perfect pair clowning an elaborate kiss against the sleazy panorama.
Once you start dating the sleazy old professor, disillusionment sets in.
Journalism is sleazy because it's a consumer product, so many of its offerings are biased.
Denigrating the self promotion of others as a way of promoting yourself is ugly and sleazy.
He was sleazy in a delightful sort of way, the anti-Fox, and audiences and critics loved it.
Despite its sleazy reputation, payola has a certain rationale.
The location-aware future-good, bad, and sleazy-is here.
Rather they are nothing but sleazy opportunists who are looking for an easy way to make a fast buck.
If you want to run your business in a sleazy, less than honest way, so be it.
Here's the latest from the sometimes sleazy sports memorabilia market.
The bar scene doesn't have to be a sleazy way to meet bachelors.
He decides to become a prosecutor, bringing his resources, power and knowledge of sleazy defense tactics to the other team.
But when you put the whole scenario together, it's incredible how sleazy this guy was.
Or, given your stance on the sleazy school principal, maybe a dunce cap.
Politics may be sleazy, but it can also be intriguing, even entertaining.
Britt's investigation leads her among high society patrons and along sleazy paths.
There is no means other than to be forced to go to an unethical and sleazy matrimonial lawyer for relief.
She e-mails her best friend back home about her encounters, including a ghost in her bedroom and a sleazy boyfriend.

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