sleaze in a sentence

Example sentences for sleaze

The sleaze is in your mind, and in your conditioned cultural responses, not in the pictures.
Barber shoots it in a grunge style so flamboyant he seems to be aestheticizing sleaze.
Underneath the sleaze are sermons illustrating simple, school-primer virtues.
With it, the group can detect patterns of sleaze and curses and spotlight advertisers who buy on naughty shows.
Otherwise, you should realize that this guy is a sleaze.
Her strongest suit is her determination to put an end to sleaze.
And so it goes on, one report of public-sector sleaze after another.
Her story has unleashed an outpouring of public contempt for the sleaze that surrounds so many civil servants.
Elected on an anti-corruption ticket, he has kept up pressure on the country's endemic sleaze, but selectively.
And a worrying whiff of sleaze hangs over public life.
Many voters too are hostile, tired both of repeated belt-tightening and of the air of sleaze that hangs around the government.
Not a convincing debut for a faction meant to be tough on sleaze.
Voters clearly place a discount on sleaze and a premium on honesty.
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