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Example sentences for slaughtered

The sows get only greens, while the pigs that will be slaughtered get a small amount of grain.
So many of the animals had been slaughtered that they'd all but vanished from local waters.
It continues after the animals are slaughtered and the meat is cooked.
Born in one state, fattened and slaughtered in another, these hogs get around.
They'd slaughtered and eaten their livestock and couldn't afford wheat or rice.
Without these small family farms, and without animals being humanely raised to be slaughtered, the movement's turf would shrink.
Meat from the slaughtered dolphins is then sold to markets.
When the chicken is slaughtered, the harmful bacteria contaminates the meat, and can end up causing illness in whoever eats it.
They had slaughtered a sheep, and a meal of mutton had been simmering on a wood stove since we'd arrived.
History was not kind to the weak will, they get slaughtered.
Animals are slaughtered still, incense burned, and the trees smeared with butter the better to appeal for fertility or fortune.
But he soon has to take refuge there when his family is slaughtered.
On the show, you seem squeamish when an animal is slaughtered.
The workers drank warm blood when they slaughtered the animals.
Ownership of the animal is transferred to you prior to it being slaughtered.

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