slate blue in a sentence

Example sentences for slate blue

It follows the shore of the slate blue ocean in crisply clear salt air, hazy with white sunlight.
The feet and legs are decorated with a slate blue pubescence.
Adult birds are slate blue on the back and have white- to buff-colored throats.
Blue suckers vary in color from slate blue in spring to a pale olive-blue in the summer and fall, with slate blue fins.
When it is growing if a leaf is crushed or stem is broken the sap turns a slate blue color when exposed to the air.
Adults have a slate blue back and a dark head and neck that give a hooded appearance.
Adult males typically have a more solid colored head that can vary from slate blue to dark green to gold and have bright red eyes.
The hen's head is a grey or slate blue color, so they can be easily distinguished from the males.
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