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Any minute, they thought, the metal would start slashing through his organs.
The new standards aim at slashing smog-forming and cancer-causing pollutants emitted during the oil and gas drilling process.
Few traditional colleges could carry out such growth while simultaneously slashing tuition.
Hurricanes bring winds and slashing rains that flood streets, flatten homes, and leave survivors struggling to pick up the pieces.
Probably padded with horsehair or wool, the helmet cap was made of hammered iron for protection from slashing or thrusting blades.
Charged with slashing the deficit by trillions, the new bipartisan commission could deadlock or reach a grand bargain.
The effect of you helping to argue for slashing manned space programs is not that money becomes available for science.
The answer, the team decided, was building up the green power infrastructure faster and slashing energy demand further.
But the potential backlash against slashing the bank's staff and getting it out of lending would surely be epic.
Resorts are slashing room rates and offering coupons or free nights.
Nearly half of it was because of businesses slashing production in order to bring inventories in line with shrunken.
There is more than a whiff of panic about slashing rates little more than week before a scheduled meeting.
Second, a big push on supply-side reforms, from freeing trade to slashing red tape.
Moreover, the firm says it is not trying to take out costs-a euphemism for closing factories and slashing jobs.
Slashing prices is a sure sign of lack of confidence.
And the scope for slashing non-defence discretionary spending is limited, since it makes up merely one-sixth of total outlays.
One reason why the downturn was so severe is that companies met demand by slashing inventories.
He is best known for slashing paintings with a knife to create an uneven-looking surface.
They focus merely on tax cuts and slashing red tape.
Of course, slashing the workforce now may not make sense for some start-ups.
To avoid being stuck with old stock-a ruinous prospect when prices are falling rapidly-panel-makers are now slashing margins.
These typically include cuts in budget deficits, often by slashing public expenditure, or increases in interest rates.
Far from seeing the bottom in corporate profits, markets have been slashing forecasts.
In no time at all, he plugged a short-term budget gap by slashing spending.
There are fish that are delivered out of our hatcheries that have a little bit of the slashing on the throat.

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