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But too many blogs-with their half-digested ideas and slapdash commentary on daily ephemera-show that gatekeepers have their uses.
One reason was its supercilious tone, which ill accords with its slapdash composition.
He claims he's forming doctor-patient relationships in his slapdash street encounters with apparently healthy protesters.
With its acid colors and slapdash brush strokes, the painting still jolts the eye.
It felt self-sufficient and confident and beautiful in our own slapdash, cross-your-fingers fashion.
Much of today's software is built and updated in a slapdash process.
But many think the savings calculations are slapdash.
Most folks tend to side with the fourth estate and do not take into account their slapdash work.
And on it goes, wittily ridiculing the slapdash manner in which science stories are sometimes cobbled together.
They have started a high-profile campaign to raise standards and punish slapdash manufacturers.
People are fussier now, she explains, and won't tolerate slapdash service.
Unfortunately, the high standard is not always sustained, and the editing seems slapdash.
The ambitions are modest, the storytelling a bit slapdash, and there's a casual looseness to the dance.
True, many artists have used it since as permission to make lazy, slapdash work.
It has the slapdash air of a movie that was a little more fun to shoot than to watch.
His experiences range from coping with calves strangling in birth to dealing with a colleague's slapdash bookkeeping.
The climax is a slapdash dinner party, at which are served great helpings of soggy farce.
Service, which was never crisp, continued to be slapdash.
And in the slapdash performance of her day-dreams, her burlesque is too obvious and broad.

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