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The direction of the slant of a line drawn from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner is known as the palpebral slant.
Plus, you put your own slant on the ideas that makes them interesting.
But there may be a slant here which has nothing to do with science.
Over the centuries engineers and builders made efforts to correct the lean using schemes that only made the tower slant farther.
The hood's gotten shorter and the windshield's got more slant.
If you've got the slant called, you've got to run the slant.
Peers form social groups that slant evaluations toward the preferences of their social leadership.
Unfortunately the views expressed often seem to slant towards its covert agenda.
Unless you draw a line along the steering column and down the forks, at a slant to the ground.
Over time, the editorial slant went away from science to global warming propaganda.
His windows slant at crazy angles, his walls bulge and sag.
Those who feel the sleight better perceive the slant.
As significant is the new pro-reform slant in the party's election manifesto.
It says it wants a parliamentary democracy, albeit with a religious slant.
Others sit well off the brow with a definite backward slant.
Cut the asparagus into half-inch-thick slices on a sharp slant.
One theory is that the slant reduces drag around the end of the wing.
The pilot greased it, somehow matching the plane's steep descent to the opposite slant of the small runway.
Beyond the practical questions, there was a philosophical slant to the conference, too.
Many people with successful blogs also have an innate slant toward the writing profession.
Of course, the stories always had a slant, and they usually angered as many people as they excited.
Not that you will ever mistake the slant of his sympathies.
Alsop's shrewdest move is the seemingly chaotic slant of the legs.
The corners of the shaft slant in and out as the tower rises, and the whole form shimmers.
Even as his lines slant and his letters blur together, there is a delicate prettiness about it.
Pew has a reputation for more or less honest surveys, no slant.
Furthermore, there appeared to be a definite slant in your reporting.
Interestingly, the slant was that regulation was the fault, because that's the story line these days.
Now, you look in the mirror and don't startle if your eyes are getting slant.
There aren't any shy extroverts, because in them anxiety takes a different slant: tendency towards acting out, a trouble-maker.
It has a strong microbiology slant, and some really great posts.
Wrong again: the fantasy is taken further, this time with a comic slant.
It's a technique with a built-in ironic slant, and the nearest she ever gets to comedy.
Pinker too believes that education is necessary in order to correct and transcend our innate cognitive slant on the world.
And for this reason, given his initial medical slant, the tendency always is towards a matter of welfare.
Tess repeats the word slowly, tasting the slant and dip of each letter: impossible.
With some catchy marketing and a creative slant, companies fulfill the desires of the public while generating tons of money.
The audience has nothing to do with its making or with the slant it takes.
Please consider what you've done the next time you decide to slant news coverage in favor of one candidate for months.
And now to get really deep and on a different slant on the topic.
Participate in whatever political slant that agrees with your personal philosophy and be prepared to work your way up the ranks.
OK, that changes the slant of some of my earlier response.
It is the people who chose stories, the people who edit, the people who slant.
It's imperative in this day and age for science to be communicated to the public, free of religious or political slant.
As an added bonus, the book is actually set on a slant.
However, it's much easier to censor and slant things in the digital world.

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