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Example sentences for slain

The public was shocked by the ambush, but there was a notable absence of outward sympathy for the three slain officers.
Instead of being slain for malevolence, give them the chance to change.
But every ounce of breeding plumes represented six dead adults, and each slain pair left behind three to five starving nestlings.
Despite this week's excitement, it would be premature to say he has slain the monster of corruption.
Gunslinger says they have not seen slain corpses for a couple of years, then this should be done.
Other times they bring up the slain civil rights leader.
It's unimportant, the paradigm has been slain by its own advocates.
Elephants by the tens of thousands are slain every few years.
Once again, humor is slain by a bunch of dolts taking it goo seriously.
The howl of pain from the slain lieutenant's father had toppled the chain of command.
The thatch of the byres will serve their fires when all the cattle are slain.
While he thus hung by the arms, he was slain by a spear thrust through his body at the level of the armpits.
TO run down and disarm a maniac who has burned and slain is wis dom that requires no argument.
One would think all the rest of the fur-bearing animals had been slain.

Famous quotes containing the word slain

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