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The syngas rises through the pool, heavy metals sink to the bottom and other contaminants form a slag on top.
Miracle of miracles, there in the slag was a perfectly shaped arrowhead.
With that in mind, it seems a good time to survey the slag heap that is the telecom stock sector.
Metals and other inorganic materials that do not turn into gas fall to the bottom of the chamber as molten slag.
The only problem is that slag rarely has crystals inside of it.
He and other researchers satisfied themselves that the slabs were not merely slag from metal or pottery furnaces.
One can almost imagine the fossil-fuel industry laughing all the way to the slag pile.
Some wax cylinders and discs, metal tape, vinyl records and other formats have already begun disintegrating or are slag.
The ship was carrying furnace slag, a near valueless cargo.
They are thus ill-adapted for lower-quality coals that would produce several times more slag.
The rest are cast on the slag heap, left to fend for themselves with no basic understanding of the sciences.
It is a piece of slag, and anyone familiar with meteorites will recognize it as slag with the barest glace.
It's fashionable to slag the government, but sometimes it does work.
And yet under the measureless grossness and slag of that book one must find the lyric.
The hallway smells of burning animal fat and obscure gravies boiling to slag.
The books were so much opencast slag, insultingly priced, happy to rot away amongst the spoons and rags and horse manure.
Steel slag can be used as aggregate in granular base applications.
The slag piles had reached elevations of twenty feet or more above the adjoining river flood plain.
The slag samples deposited at the top of sample collector by the particle action of impacting and agglomerating.
Formed slag should easily flow down to the exit of the gasifier.

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