slacker in a sentence

Example sentences for slacker

Night owls belie slacker reputation by staying alert longer.
The new arrangements might oblige the slacker ones to be more engaged.
Factories moved shifts to nights and weekends, when demand for power is slacker.
They are slacker and more anecdotal, and their rhythms drive forward less compulsively.
But more buyers meant higher prices, making loans even less affordable to the poor and requiring even slacker lending standards.
Meditate for a moment on the word dude, as it was used long before it became a one-word anthem for the slacker generation.
The surrounding area offers much more excitement than its slacker's-paradise reputation would imply.
For every player committed to the team's conditioning program, there was a slacker.
If you want it spoiled in exhaustive detail, click the link below, slacker.
The vote went in favor of the slacker, who was well liked.
There was even a patch of ice in the slacker shallows.
He reported any slacker to superiors for disciplinary action.
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