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Invited to display it, he lifts a heavy stone slab onto a metal spike in the ground and spins it to a blur with a bamboo stick.
Thus a perfectly definite value of u belongs to every point on the surface of the marble slab.
They caught some of the water in a tankard and threw it on a slab near the spring.
The films consist of a thin slab of water sandwiched between two layers of soap molecules.
He also, and perhaps more significantly, established a cave bear skull on a stone slab perched place.
Hot and cold running water leads to a newly enameled green tub set on a thick stone slab.
The freezer case was full of curious meats: a snowy hunk of a fin whale's throat, a slab of musk ox.
Now the slab rocks, water pushing up through the cracks and pooling along the perimeter.
We concluded with a seasonal dessert scene, a slate slab topped with cookies, table strewn with winter leaves and artificial snow.
It's basically a shell made out of one slab of concrete.
As it dries, the paste glues the aggregates together into a concrete slab.
However, this slab is punctured by a hexagonal array of holes that correspond to the position of the polystyrene beads.
However, the results are clear to see in images showing the focusing slab placed between the knees of one of the authors.
It is a slab, two hundred and seventy feet long and raised nine stories into the air on huge, slanted legs.
She peels cod fillets off the slab, dips them in batter, drops them one by one into the storm of hot fat.
As the turf around a house gradually subsides, the slab seems to rise.
The marquee was a brilliant slab of white in the dusk.
Then he'll lift a slab of dough and slam it down athletically until it's turned to ribbon-thick strands.
The daily press was scathing about what was-dodgy stage-management aside-a dreary, earthbound slab of oratory.
Any less salt and the ham would be reduced to a rubbery slab.
The thin, small slab has a touch-screen which displays whatever buttons, keys or icons are relevant to the task in hand.
The solution seemed obvious: a toilet with a brick cubicle, squatting slab and two pits.
They exposed more of the fossil from its limestone slab and carefully compared its skeleton with those of snakes and lizards.
The quick pileup overloads the underlying snowpack, which causes a weak layer beneath the slab to fracture.
Sluffs are much less dangerous than slab avalanches.
The drivers approach through a white-hot slab of brilliance that could burn diamonds.
In the lab, the scientists placed individual animals on a stone slab beneath a white screen, which could change colors.
It is a slightly broken skeleton in a single slab of pure limestone, showing clear wing- and tail-feather impressions.
Grab slab at the railroad amphitheater, where you can climb at lake's edge.
In some cases the basin and the floor of the bath-house, or fountain, is made of a single slab of granite.
Another was discovered several feet under the large stone slab.
The first is the minimalist metal slab that will ship with your tiny box.
The high-end and decidedly modern setting features metal chairs, stone slab floors and steel track lighting fixtures.
The counter-service eatery features concrete slab tables, exposed ventilation ducts and low-hanging tin light fixtures.
The restaurant's interior features red and white checkered tablecloths, bright vinyl chairs, stone slab floors and track lighting.
Sidewalk patio dining, white brick walls and stone slab floors grace the restaurant.
The darkened interior features stone slab floors, wooden stools, communal tables and a full bar.
The rustic setting includes exposed wood beam ceilings, cements pillars, stone slab floors and a carved wooden bar.
The area is famous for its traditional-style crack, slab and steep-face climbing.
The interior features stone slab floors, wood panel walls and recessed lighting.
The upscale setting features canopy-covered benches, stone slab floors, candlelight and potted flowers and plants.
The slab can go in the oven or on a grill and can also be chilled or even frozen to use for serving sushi or other seafood.
It's not a big slab of steak but a smaller, succulent morsel of meat.
Calculates the heat loss to the ground from an evenly insulated rectangular slab on the ground.
Each slab is basted with honey right as it enters its four-hour oak and maple wood smoking.
The architect suspended its floor slab to allow flood waters to run beneath the house.

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