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Humans are nomenclature-based and this gives you a more intimate relationship with your skyline.
Any tall building in an urban center provides another handsome view of the night skyline.
Nearby high-rises compete with smokestacks for skyline supremacy.
Cupolas and towers rise from some roofs, giving the skyline a picturesque, almost whimsical air.
Look down from the dazzling skyline, it's all underbelly.
Once, they went to a club that had a grand view of the skyline.
The factories are being pushed to the outskirts, and in their place the city has developed a skyline.
The twin towers stand in a blue-gray, faraway skyline.
The helicopter buzzing back and forth across the skyline represents the financial centre's more yuan-denominated future.
But this spring the same skyline became crisp, often beneath blue skies and innocuous white clouds.
But the shrinking of wholesale financial markets could have a direct impact on the skyline.
Four cranes block out the skyline, but the foreground is row upon row of boarded-up houses and shuttered storefronts.
But it is the office wall that immediately draws attention away from the skyline.
Over the heads of countless mourners, the distant city skyline shimmered and beckoned mysteriously, its sparkle betraying sadness.
The skyline remains one of the glories of urban ambition.
Then the cheers fade, the city skyline disappears and we're on our way.
On the far horizon is a skyline painted in phosphorescent hues.
Most people drive up there and stop along the pull-outs to gaze upon the bridge and the city skyline.
But the dozens of giant cranes that once littered the skyline have migrated elsewhere.

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