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Example sentences for skylight

Getting natural light into the room required going up through the attic to create a skylight.
In single-story homes or in top-floor bedrooms, a well-placed skylight can make all the difference.
Weak rays of sunshine filter through the skylight, illuminating student drawings and paintings on the walls.
The street, paved in red brick, runs beneath a steeply peaked skylight.
The architects organized the complex around a double-height, skylight-covered quadrangle.
Imagine: the solar cell is the top pane of a double paned skylight.
Sunshine poured into it from the skylight and windows onto the golden oak floors, woodwork, and furniture.
The opening is probably a skylight where the ceiling later collapsed.
Bees and some birds navigate by polarized skylight, and fish and crustaceans use polarization for navigation and seeing prey.
The thieves climbed onto the zoo exhibit's roof and broke through a skylight.
And kids can gaze at the stars through the skylight ceiling.
When the dweller's ready to turn in, he climbs the ladder to a circular double bed and pops the skylight.
The centerpiece of the lobby is an oversize, oval-shaped skylight that bathes the space in light.
No one was home, but he scaled the roof to break a skylight and release the explosive gases building within.
Light streams through a skylight onto the model of the moment.
They'd brought champagne, and when they popped the cork it broke a hole in the skylight.
From below, the hatch at ground level shrinks to a skylight.
At the first hint of rain, though, somebody goes scrambling up a tall ladder to move the skylight cover back into place.
The golden sheen of the instruments contrasted with the creamy white of the walls and the blue of the skylight above.
The main stair-tower is topped with a dramatic skylight that infuses sunshine into the heart of the ship.
From the loft bedroom, you can see the glow of the volcano caldera from one skylight and the starry skies from the other.
Select rooms have a fireplace, skylight and soaking tub.
The hotel offers one- and two-bedroom units with skylight areas and cathedral ceilings.
Then, come back for an evening drink at the bar and a table beneath the expansive skylight for dinner.
Its central portion includes a dance floor and bandstand underneath a domed skylight.
We have a skylight in the bathroom and a skylight in the kitchen.
All hired contractors must provide homeowners with a brochure before beginning a window, door, or skylight replacement.
The interior lobby features a skylight and a tile floor.
Number of panes of glazing in a window or skylight system.

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