skydiving in a sentence

Example sentences for skydiving

It turns out she had been recreational skydiving a few days before--she'd always wanted to try it.
When you are skydiving, you quickly reach terminal velocity such that you are no longer accelerating.
One scientist aims to find out by skydiving along with the birds.
In addition to enjoying skydiving himself, he served as a skydiving judge for many years.
Indoor skydiving involves a vertical wind tunnel that suspends you in air and mimics the feeling of skydiving.
You'll also find other types of recreation available-everything from swimming and golfing to skydiving.
From skydiving to mountain climbing, this resort town attracts campers during all four seasons.
Skydiving isn't something that you do by yourself the first time, but tandem jumping is a great way to make new friends.
Indoor skydiving provides the adrenaline rush of traditional skydiving without ever stepping foot inside a plane.
For the adrenaline junkie or the experimental adventurist, skydiving can offer excitement not easily forgotten.
Golfers will find seven championship courses on which to practice their game, or you can choose skydiving, shooting or bowling.
In peacetime it evolved into a sport known as skydiving.
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