skull and crossbones in a sentence

Example sentences for skull and crossbones

They've got the skull and crossbones and everything.
But as researchers screen more and more substances, a dizzying number emerge from the lab festooned with skull and crossbones.
Never drink anything with a skull and crossbones picture on the label.
The billboard features a picture of hot dogs in a cigarette pack inscribed with skull and crossbones.
Which makes it all the more striking that a morbid skull and crossbones should suddenly turn up as a look for spring.
Actually these followers of the skull and crossbones look as if they had been shanghaied from a modern costume dance.
Jobs exhorted, and they raised a skull and crossbones over their offices.
He is not quite such a brazen scoundrel as he imagined he would make on the deck of a ship flying the skull and crossbones.
When you're a senior, you get the sword and skull and crossbones.
They are sometimes identified with the symbol of skull and crossbones.
On it lie a skull and crossbones, manacles, and a serpent.
Because it was their first such attempt, each wax-coated round was stamped with a skull and crossbones.

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No throne exists that has a right to exist, and no symbol of it, flying from any flagstaff, is righteously entitled to w... more
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