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He says it could damage the brain, not to mention crack the skull.
Hydrocephalus is a buildup of fluid inside the skull, leading to brain swelling.
What the calipers cannot measure is whether the brain inside the skull is a used one or an unused one.
There's more inside the skull, after all, than brain.
Because the brain does not fossilize, they studied endocasts, imprints of the brain left in the skull.
After many grueling hours of brain surgery, it's finally time for a surgeon to close up the skull.
It was as if my brain had been inflated with a pump until it bulged against the inside of my skull.
The chieftain's descendants want the skull returned, if in fact the society has it.
In the seventies that would have bought you a smashed camera and probably split skull.
Now the skin shrinks against the bones and cracks, the eyes sink into the skull, and vision and hearing become dim.
Fortunately, we've got an ideal prototype locked inside our skull.
On his left pectoral is a skull with one eyeball dangling from the socket by a cord of veins.
Shaggy gray hair, with a bald spot at the back of her skull.
One of the thrusts penetrated to the back of his skull.
The temporal bones are situated at the sides and base of the skull.
At birth it is more horizontal and situated in almost the same plane as the base of the skull.
Clap the skull on top of the ribs, and clap a crown on top of the skull.
The inferior surface is rough and irregular, and forms part of the exterior of the base of the skull.
The skull parts were then covered in normal, drug store hydrogen peroxide for three days.
The human skull and face plate would be great for scaring the trick or treaters.
It had only two legs, but an unmistakable horse skull with a horn on it.
These variables include the length of the skull, the length of the face, and the width of the eye sockets.
Obviously, the soft tissue decayed long ago, and the skull itself is too precious to cut open.
One of the two pretend culprits was cheekily flying the skull and crossbones.
Her teeth are worn, and some telltale bones in the skull are knitted together in an adult way.
His skull was fractured, suggesting police brutality, say fans and protesters.
It therefore requires a small hole to be drilled in the skull, so that a fibre-optic cable can be used to shine light inside.
The next step will be to transmit this information from the skull to the outside world.
To paleontologists today, the large hole in the center of the skull suggests a pronounced trunk.
The same processes happened in these dinosaurs, allowing for major modifications of the skull.
The skull had been given a plaster nose, and its eye sockets had been filled with plaster.
The areas in white represent known parts of the skull.
The grey areas show patterns of damage on the skull.
The more developed the trait, the larger the organ, and the larger a protrusion it formed in the skull.
Most of the skeleton was found, including the majority of the skull.
Mastoiditis is an infection of the mastoid bone of the skull.
Pattern of skull variation bolsters the case that humans took over from earlier species.
The organ then decelerates rapidly and ricochets back to the rear of the skull, a jolt called a countercoup.
The cortex of large-brained mammals expanded considerably over the course of evolution much more so than the skull.
But the rest of our skull can afford to be comparatively flimsier.
The skull, for instance, can't be set upside down or it would be crushed by its own weight.
The part of its skull where jaw-opening muscles attached was particularly large.
Wolf-to-dog transition had little to do with humans, ancient skull suggests.
He folded back the scalp and made small holes in her skull with a power drill, outlining a rough semicircle.
On closer inspection it is a vast human skull, still bloodied.
Ginny leans into its solid skull, and the horse stares back at her with a huge watery eye.
The laser light diffuses through the skull and illuminates the tissue underneath it.
With the current procedure, a surgeon must remove a large piece of skull to insert the electrode array.
Such monitoring currently requires doctors to drill a hole in the skull.
Tests to see how blast waves are attenuated by the human skull are ongoing.
The coils are right up against your skull, not dozens of meters away.
Then he opened the skull and probed inside the cavity.
The proximate cause is a fractured skull suffered in a fall, but the true cause is alcohol.
And then a bullet hits her head and her skull busts open, and the kids speed off and crash into a parked van.
The bottle is actually in the shape of a human skull.
You're doing these horrible things, and yet the audience senses there's a light on in your skull.
The author crops his skull as he sets out, and begins to walk barefoot as he leaves the world of roads.
The violent collision ripped his skull from his spine, resulting in what doctors call internal decapitation.
In the book, he's more-or-less the light-in-the-skull.
The crash left him with a fractured skull, clavicle, ribs and hip.

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