skulduggery in a sentence

Example sentences for skulduggery

Congratulations to all for their mastery of skulduggery.
Admittedly, none of these tales has lacked for skulduggery either.
Translation delays should not be attributed to skulduggery or incompetence.
The scarier these agencies make the enemy appear, the more cash they can claim to need for their own skulduggery.
Finding evidence of that sort of skulduggery may be difficult, and proving it even more so.
Already this year, however, two more governors have been removed for campaign skulduggery.
And his alleged skulduggery went on under the noses of the public-prosecutor's office.
Jolly enough, but relentless skulduggery did not help the empire's stability.
He will still cheat, and he will certainly try to obstruct the outsiders' view of his skulduggery.
Regional elections are still tarnished by money and skulduggery.
In the past few weeks other cases have emerged, giving an impression of a country awash with graft and skulduggery.
Few bosses these days need to resort to skulduggery to receive fat cheques.
Over the past two years the public has been bombarded with revelations of the army's alleged skulduggery.
Beyond that he should be made to pay for what can only be termed an act of skulduggery.
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